Honestly, building a home gym is not exactly a cheap endeavour. It doesn’t mean you’re going to run into tens and thousands of dollars trying to make one either.

So, you’ve finally had it with having to pay good money and still have to wait in line to use their equipment. Building your private gym at home would be the best way to go. Don’t have enough space to utilise? I bet you have a garage that can be converted. Good for you!

Girl hoding a bottle of water facing a dance mirror

Outfitting a gym at home in your garage is more affordable than ever, and many people with a busy schedule are utilising it to meet their fitness goals, so why shouldn’t you make it?

For a little money, you can transform your garage into a small powerhouse lined with bodybuilding equipment and materials. Mirrors, benches, weights, and treadmill, and you are halfway on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

Of course, the right equipment for your gym will vary from person to person; there is some essential equipment you will need to get started. While it is expected that your garage is occupied with other things like cars, carts, and other household appliances, the few suggestions below will help you make the most of your space and help you in setting up your garage gym mirror for maximum use. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to shatter the headlight of your Benz with a dumbbell.

What makes your garage gym having a gym mirror ideal for your fitness?

Walk into any gym, and you will have mirrors lining every wall. The plus side is that mirrors have been proven time and again to help to reach your fitness goals faster. You can’t be looking at yourself while doing the wrong thing.

While those against mirrors have always argued that it distracts from the actual workout, experience has shown that you need to be sure your workout routines are perfect and accurate.

Woman lifting dumbbells facing the mirror in a gym

Workout Mirror in your garage gym is not an exception. However, it would be best if you watched out for the following during your workouts:

  • Shoulder press: It is the barbell parallel to the floor during your shoulder press? No way are you getting the desired effects on your shoulder, especially on your weaker arm if you don’t balance it.
  • Squat: squatting the right way is the key to gain more strength and coordination. You must track out over your toes and ensure your knees are coming out strong when you push out to achieve the required effect.
  • Bicep: Newbie fitness enthusiasts often make the mistake of allowing their elbows to flare out to the sides when lifting dumbbells. Do not. Ensure your elbows are always tucked in when using dumbbells.

You must be more attentive when in front of the mirror because you’re probably doing it all wrong if it looks like it.

Dumbbells of various sizes and a bottle of water

I have used a gym with mirrors, and one without mirrors and I would choose mirrors every single time. Without the mirrors, you are just lifting weights and hoping you’re doing the right thing. It helps you concentrate harder on the movement of your body while helping you build focus and confidence.

Things to consider when using the gym mirror installed on the garage wall?

The best mirrors for your garage wall are still those professional-looking mirrors you see in commercial gyms. However, if you’re serious about fixing a mirror in your gym, safety should be your foremost concern. Of course, it is vital to opt for protection backed gym mirrors and mirrors that do not easily shatter on impact.

For better results, mirrors are hung about 50cm from the floor as you will have to place your equipment on the floor. It makes no sense to put your mirror where the view will be obstructed by gym equipment.

Process of installing a gym mirrorCeiling mirrors are fast gaining traction too. However, with ceiling mirrors, go for large 48 x 72 inches’ mirrors. Care should be taken to place your GARAGE GYM MIRROR in areas where you frequent and well lit. Surrounded by physical evidence of your fitness progress, there’s no way you’ll get it wrong.

Another thing to consider is space. To get the most of your gym, you need to organise your space. Consider buying plastic storage hanging from the ceiling to free up space. To determine your garage’s usability, do not get equipment that’s too tall and consider the general shape of your garage.

If your garage is small, stick to a few fitness pieces of equipment that are light so that you will be able to avoid injuries and accidents. You should not worry about your garage; it is quite expensive. Here, you can have a more organised gym with your treadmill in one corner and your mats for calisthenics in another.

Additional things that the gym mirror highlight to boost your motivation

Young woman sitting on a blue gym ball

Setting up a home gym is not merely about stuffing your garage with weights. Make it as comfortable as space permits you. Ensure your gym is clean and pleasant. Motivational posters that help to adorn your garage walls are an excellent way to go and will help you look forward to your gym sessions.

You could even take it up a notch by having a stereo system to play your favourite music. Anything that motivates you is welcome in the gym.

Make no mistakes, having a mirror in your gym is the best decision you’ll make. They are essential in gym setup, and you’ll be doing yourself a big favour when you opt for a big and affordable mirror for your garage gym that doesn’t obstruct your view and won’t cost an arm or a leg.

Setting up a well-equipped home gym is not impossible if you go through the ideas above and plan accordingly. And it would be best if you didn’t have everything ready before you start. Start with what you have now and upgrade later.

Wrap Up

Remember that your fitness goals can only be achieved with consistency and discipline and working with a garage gym equipped with mirrors is a necessity that will fasten your growth.