You don’t have to lurk around Instagram to see fitness posts on your feed. At least once every scroll, you’ll find someone posting about their workout or their progress at being fit.

This makes you think, “Do these people work out all day?” Even if the answer is yes, experts say that this isn’t the best for your body.

The Efficient Way to Get Fit

A lot of people think that the longer the time they spend in the gym, the fitter they will be. This is not true because there is only so much your body can take in a day.

According to a number of personal trainers and fitness gurus, the amount of time you should spend exercising in a day is 30-45 minutes.

In this time span, you should make sure that the exercise you will do will not have long breaks so that your muscles will continue to have that burning momentum.

So does that mean that you can break your workout to 15 minutes each? While other people do a morning workout and an afternoon one, fitness gurus recommend just exercising once a day.

This means that you can choose any time of the day to exercise and use the rest of the time for your other activities.

You might be wondering that if this is the best way to get fit, how come athletes exercise for hours and more than once a day? Well, athletes are a special case because their training is meant to practice their skill as well.

Of course, it’s still not ideal to work out for hours. In the long run, spending most of your time training will not be healthy for your body. In much the same way, if you plan on getting fit, there will come a time when the effects will plateau.

Why Rest Days are Important

Now that you know that you should only exercise for at most an hour a day, why shouldn’t you exercise every day?

If you’ve observed a number of fitness programs, you will know that most of them include 1-2 rest days. The primary reason why rest days are important is for your muscles to recover from continuously working out.

Yes, you might be giving your body a full night’s rest every day, but this is not enough to fully recover from an intense workout.

Experts claim that a rest day will give your body the full recovery it needs so that when you resume your workout, you can avoid injuries and have the proper form.

This is because when the body is worn out, you will notice that the form of certain exercises gets affected. This will lead to a counterproductive workout. Instead of actually targeting the muscles you need, you only increase the risk of getting injured or having back pain.

Other Important Things to Remember

But even if a lot of fitness trainers suggest the ideal workout routine and time, each body is different. The best way to know what the ideal workout for you is by consulting both your doctor and trainer.

Both will give inputs on what your body needs and what it can do in a span of 24 hours so you can craft your own routine.

It’s also important to remember that while it’s good to work out to stay fit, a big component of your health comes from your food and drink intake.

This means that even if you exercise properly but consume a lot of starch and sugar in a day, your workout will not be enough to give you the results you want.

If you truly want to move towards a healthier life, then start by reducing the amount of salt and sugar you take. Cutting off junk food, soda, powdered juice, and candies can be a great start towards a healthier you.

And just like exercise, you don’t have to stop all of these at once. Even fully cutting off carbs isn’t a good idea no matter what your body type is.

So following your exercise, make sure that you allow yourself to have cheat days where you can eat a moderate amount of sugar and salt. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

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