How To Reap The Complete Benefits Of Your Workouts?

Exercising for an hour everyday has to be routine for everyone. But what do you do after your workout? Do you laze around in the couch? Sit with your computer? Well, then it is time for some activity to truly reap the benefits of hard work. Working out for an hour and then spending the rest of the day in rest is not going to benefit you in any way. In order to prevent negative effects on your health, avoid sitting down for long. Move around apart from regular workouts.

When your exercise regime is over, it is not the time for rest. Try some bonus exercise, like a walk after a meal, walking up the staircase, cleaning your house and burn some extra calories with housekeeping. Find out some creative ways to shed some weight. When you find an opportunity get on the dance floor.

Prepare activity list

A family activity list can make everyone busy in the family. Divide the daily chores among members of the family and post it where everyone can see. Once they set into the groove, things happen automatically. You can also increase the outdoor sports activities like cycling, swimming, hiking, etc.

You don’t need a gym

There is no need to turn your home into a gym. Simple body exercise like squats, pushups or lunges can prove beneficial for the body. These exercises can help build your muscles and ups your heart rate promoting the burning of calories.

Walk into a fair

Fairs are the best place to keep you on your toes. Forget about the food counters and give yourself a little exercise. Community fairs are the best place to facilitate walking. Art or music festival can help you pick your steps. Just keep walking and avoid fried food at the festival and you are sure to have some fun and keep you healthy as well.

Spend your leisure for a cause

Support a cause and work towards it. Run, walk or bicycle for a cause. It is a great way to keep you fit and also do some service to the community. It is the best way you can give back to the community. There are loads of charity events that happen round the year to keep you busy.

Plug in play games

There are video games that can give you the right movement to your body. Try the Wii Fit, White’s skateboarding or kinetic. More virtual games can keep you busy.

Fidget, wiggle while you wait

When you are waiting for the bus, do not stand tight. Keep moving around. It can help burn some calories. Twist from side to side and this can keep you brisk and remove some fat from your body.

Don’t be a couch potato

Everyone loves to watch TV. Do not sit tight, move around when there is an ad break. You can also run upstairs and be back by the time the ad is over.


Practice gardening, pull out some weeds, add a fresh plant to your garden, do some harvesting. It can help you keep fit and also give your body some exercise in the process. Develop a new hobby in gardening.

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