Along with the coming of the New Year, people set up their resolutions. These are the things that they want to achieve for the current year.

Having a New Year’s resolution can motivate you to work harder, do better, and achieve your goals. But when the resolutions that you set are not achievable, you can end up feeling frustrated and unhappy about yourself.

Here are some tips on how to set realistic New Year’s resolutions.

Have a time frame to achieve your goal.

People who are overweight would include in their New Year’s resolution losing 50 pounds. This can be difficult to achieve right away. And this will never happen if you continue eating foods with high calorie content and avoid exercise.

To be able to achieve it, shift to a healthy lifestyle and try losing five pounds every month so that you will lose 50 pounds in 10 months. Every month, you can monitor your progress.

If you lose only four pounds this month, then you can set your goal at losing 6 pounds the next month. This means that you must continue to have a healthy diet and to spend more time working out.

By doing this, you will feel happy that you are achieving something every month. If you watch what you eat and exercise regularly, you may be able to achieve your goal of losing 50 pounds in 2018.

Aspire to do things that you can afford.

For this New Year, you want to visit all the places that you have dreamt of visiting. But if you are only earning a modest salary, you might not be able to save enough money within the year to pay for your plane tickets and hotel.

If you are a travel bug, you can start seeing the beautiful places near you instead of dreaming to visit Paris. You may even have a trip every three months if you want because you do not have to spend much.

This will satisfy your wanderlust and bring satisfaction because you were able to achieve your New Year’s resolution. If you are ready to go for a vacation, you can read an article I wrote about the tips to stay healthy on vacation.

The same is true when you want to own a car. Maybe you are qualified for a car loan but can you afford the monthly payments? The best thing to do is to set a realistic time frame to reach that goal.

You can promise yourself to save an amount equal to 50% of the price of your dream car. Then for the next New Year, you can save the other 50%. For another year, you can then make buying a new car your New Year’s resolution.

Do things one at a time.

Have you ever dreamt of being fluent in a foreign language such as French or Mandarin? Being able to speak one or both of these two languages will give you an edge when you apply for jobs.

You can also use your skills to set up a language tutorial, which can be a good source of income. But mastering these languages in just one year may not be feasible especially if you do not enroll in a language class.

Why not start learning the basics first? You can start with the basic expressions. Tutorials can be found on the internet at no cost. After you have mastered the simple expressions, you can start with simple sentences. Continue to the next level until you can speak the language well.

The same applies to people whose New Year’s resolution is to become a chef. Enrolling in a culinary arts class is expensive and you might not have the time to attend those classes. Why not buy a cookbook and try one recipe a week?

This way, your budget will not be affected by the cost of the ingredients. You can make it a weekly treat for you and your family. In one month, you can learn four new recipes. Stick to these four first until you have attained the skills of a chef in preparing them. After that, move on to the next four recipes.

By setting small and achievable goals, you will be able to turn your New Year’s resolutions into a reality. This will give you fulfillment and happiness because you have turned your dreams for the current year into reality.