Time, or the lack of it, is often cited as one of the major reasons why most people simply don’t exercise. One of the reason is they’re too busy with their work. The other is, they simply cannot take away the precious time they have left for family and social responsibilities.

But to lead a healthy lifestyle means creating time for this equally-important facet of one’s life. If you don’t maintain your fitness and health all of your life’s work including your relationships tend to suffer as well.

The good news is that you can actually squeeze in spare time for a meaningful workout. Here’s how.

1. List down the activities that you really like

Some folks like to run while others prefer biking or even swimming. You’d be glad to know that there are literally thousands of physical activities that you can do to get yourself fit.

The bottom line here is to identify those things that you really like doing and those that you hate. Based on this list you can then narrow down your choices. Then pick those you can squeeze into your own hectic schedule.

For example, if you love biking and you live several miles away from your office, why not ditch the public transport and just bike your way to the office?

You’d still be working and fulfilling your responsibilities as a good employee. You would also incorporate daily biking as your means of staying fit.

2. Make a schedule you can commit to

If you consider yourself a really busy person, then that means you’re particularly adept at making schedules for yourself. Based on the list of physical activities that you have, you can then make a schedule that you can really commit to.

It is very important to understand that working out doesn’t really have to entail lengthy hours. Some exercises can be accomplished within half an hour.

Surely you can squeeze in 30 minutes of your time into your busy schedule. Just think of it this way. If it takes you about half an hour to get from your place to your work, then you can actually use this time frame to think of activities to boost your physical fitness.

3. Multitask

We are pretty sure you do a lot of multitasking at work and even at home. But did you know that you can actually multitask, too while working out?

For example, you can run on the treadmill while listening to an audio presentation or perhaps even a video presentation about a product that your company is going to launch real soon.

You can listen to a podcast while doing crunches or even taking the exercise bike for a good spin. The fact of the matter is that, with today’s exercise equipment that comes with a variety of attachments and digital connectivity, you might as well be working while improving your endurance.

4. Do the household chores

A lot of folks think that an effective exercise regimen can only be achieved with specialty machines in a high-end gym. The truth is your home can actually be a gym in itself. Ditch everything that is automated and start working your muscles.

For instance, instead of running the washing machine to do your laundry, you’d be better off washing your clothes by hand. It’s a good workout for your arm muscles. Scrubbing and polishing the floor using traditional methods can also be a good workout for the legs.

5. Incorporate workout into your office break

If you can turn your ordinary household chores into meaningful workout sessions, you can also incorporate workout routines into your office break.

Try 12 to 15 repetitions of overhead presses or even abdominal crunches during your break time and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

You can even turn a really heavy document binder into your own personal weights. It helps you strengthen and tone your muscles while still being productive right in your office.

You may even get a desk treadmill so you can exercise while working.

The point is that you can reduce your time for chit-chats and increase your time for some meaningful in-office workouts.

We all aspire to lead healthy and productive lives. But how can you be productive if you don’t take care of your health? With these simple pieces of advice you can now easily spare your time for workout even if you are extremely busy.

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