Studies reveal that the best form of exercise to improve health and fitness is whatever physical fitness activity that you enjoy doing. For those who aren’t keen on trying out intense fitness activities, there are low-stress or low-impact activities that you can adopt while enjoying the same longevity benefits.

1. Swimming

No other low-stress fitness activity can give you an excellent whole-body workout than swimming. The inherent qualities of water support your body weight and ultimately takes the strain off the joints. Its buoyancy will enable you to move more fluidly while swimming.

If you have arthritis or some other medical condition that impedes the movement of muscles and joints, swimming is a proven way to keep you fit and healthy. 

It’s great for those looking to perform cardiovascular exercises as it helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system and the muscular system, too. One of the major advantages of swimming is that it can increase lung capacity resulting in the body organs to receive more oxygen.

Lastly, swimming is a proven mood enhancer, too making it the perfect activity for those who want to shed off extra calories, tone up, and get in a good mood always.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a form of strength-training activity that makes your body more flexible and resilient. It also utilises deep breathing exercises which initiates the body’s relaxation response.

It has numerous benefits including blood pressure reduction, enhances cardiovascular function and mental focus just to name a few.

Introducing yoga into your fitness routine enhances longevity as the body functions optimally for many years. This allows yoga practitioners to perform activities that keep their body and mind at their peak.

Yoga classes are ideal for all ages, fitness levels, and temperaments. You don’t need to have background fitness experiences to perform Yoga.

You can do it at a dedicated Yoga studio or within the comfort of home. Some examples of Yoga disciplines are vinsaya, ashtanga, power, Bikram, kundalini, and many more.

3. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is low-stress exercise that involves slow, continuous movements that are gentle on the joints and muscles. It’s an ancient form of martial arts that improves flexibility, reduces stress, and proven to contribute to a practitioner’s longevity.

This is also the perfect exercise to perform during the current COVID-19 outbreak where social distancing and self-isolation are the new norms.

Based on studies, it has been proven that Tai Chi practitioners are less likely to die over a five-year period than those who don’t and never practiced Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is also proven beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic conditions. For instance, those who suffer from mild Parkinson’s disease can practice Tai Chi and improve their balance and coordination over time. This meditation in motion practice also promotes focus, more restful sleep, and increased cardiovascular function.

4. Walking

If you walk for at least a total of half an hour per day, you can contribute to your health and longevity. Walking is a simple yet powerful activity that will help you stay trim, lower bad cholesterol levels, further strengthen your bones, and keep your blood pressure within normal levels.

Based on a number of studies, walking can enhance memory and resist physical and mental age-related changes. It’s as simple as performing daily activities and perhaps walking an extra 15 minutes to stay healthy and fit for many years to come.

Using a treadmill at home would be convenient to get your body moving when the weather is bad outside. You can multitask by listening to podcast or watch your favourite shows while walking on the treadmill. Purchasing a treadmill should not eat up too much of your savings. Check out the best budget treadmills in Australia in this article.

5. Dancing

Many people are into dancing because of its mood enhancing effects, but did you know that it has many physical benefits, too? Dancing has been proven to improve strength and endurance.

It can be done by people of all ages but is known to be most beneficial for older individuals as it prevents the loss of muscle mass. Dance therapy delivers improvements in cardiovascular health and functioning.

Best of all, dancing is a physical activity that is fun and entertaining. It keeps the body and brain young, ultimately giving practitioners a chance to live longer, happier, and fuller lives.

You don’t need to have a lean and strong body to start these fitness activities. It’s never too late to find ways on how you can improve your health and fitness. Try them out soon and witness how you can improve in more ways than one.