Roughly 1.7 million of Australians are avid gym-goers, which is why many quickly looked for alternative methods of workout once the global pandemic hit.

Fortunately, with practically everyone owning a computer nowadays coupled with a strong internet connection – virtual fitness classes have become the next big thing. But how exactly do they work?

Finding Fitness Classes

If you’re already a member of a gym, then the first place you can go for a virtual fitness class would be to the gym’s website. Chances are they’re offering these online workouts for existing members since they can’t open their doors yet for on-site exercises.

If not, then you can still go online and find a gym that offers this option. Obviously, payment will be expected.

But you’ll have the assurance that the cost will be significantly less than what you would pay for if you were actually going to the gym. After all, you’re not using their facilities and would be providing your own equipment during the class.

Timing and Types of Classes

Many online fitness programs are also divided into categories – such as the time they’re conducted and the discipline that the workout primarily follows.

You probably know this already – there’s Pilates, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, and so much more. There would be classes for beginners, intermediate, and experts so you have the option of finding the one that fits your skill level.

Perhaps the most important thing you have to note when enrolling in these online classes is the variance in time zones. Australia has three time zones and it’s possible to have members in all of these.

Hence, when enrolling in a class – always consider the best available time for your workout. Since these classes are done live, there’s no way of deferring them.

One on One or Via Groups

Now, there are two ways online fitness classes can be executed. First, there’s the group system which basically has one instructor and five or more students working out alongside the instructor via real time videos.

Think of a Zoom meeting where there will be several windows opened up and you’ll be able to see each other going through your paces.

Then there’s the one-on-one setup which involves only you and the instructor of your choice. Those who value their privacy or are a little shy about starting with their workout often opt for this class type.

Once they’re confident about themselves, they can join an actual class and keep up with the rest of the group.

You think virtual fitness classes stop with a simple workout? Not really. They say you cannot outwork a bad diet – which is why many virtual instructors have also expanded their service to include healthy meals.

The class may include several healthy and low-calorie recipes that participants can swap out with their common fares in order to have a lower calorie count for the day.

Minimal Equipment

Remember – you’re not in the gym during these times which means that specialized equipment are not on hand.

Aside from a yoga mat and maybe some weights, you can’t be expected to have more items on hand to aid you through the workout. For this reason, the instructor is going to create a special routine using zero or minimal equipment.

What’s the Advantage Here?

The typical question asked is – why not just go online and follow a free YouTube workout? After all, everything you need is already in your home – signing up for a virtual class will only be an added expense.

While streaming YouTube workouts is always a possibility, many people find that signing up for a class allows them to better stick to the activity.

As mentioned, online fitness classes involve multiple people seeing each other through their PC – which means that there’s a measure of accountability in there.

Simply put – if one of them notices that you’re not online, they’re going to ask questions. Maybe ping you a message or leave an email on your account.

Even if you opt for a one-on-one class, you’ll have the motivation to get up and do the routine because someone is waiting for you to get it done.


To wrap it up – virtual fitness classes may be the future for gym goers and anyone who wants to stay fit in the comfort of their own home. Remember though that at home or on-site, fitness requires dedication and perseverance.

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