Most Trending Diets of 2018

This is a guest post by Ellian.

Like every year, new diets emerge. However, many of these diets have been proven to be fad diets which do more harm to your health than good. And, with amount of information on different types of diets on the internet, with each diet promising to help you lose weight, it may get you confused.

Here is some information about a few diets and how effective they actually are:

  • The Ketogenic Diet

Also known as the KETO diet, this diet focuses on reducing the consumption of carbs and leans more towards protein consumption. The whole point of the ketogenic diet is to burn fat by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates so that the body will start using the stored glucose reserves for fuel. For that, carbohydrates in the diet need to be reduced as less as 5-10%. This diet focuses on eating only healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables like spinach, cucumbers and kale. The only problem with the keto diet is that it does not emphasize on the quality of ingredients, especially protein. What to choose between organic chicken or fatty bacon, since both of them are proteins?

  • The Paleo Diet

The whole intent of the paleo diet is to take us back to the basics. Our ancestors used to eat only nutrient dense foods like meat because processed foods were not available. The paleo diet removes processed foods from our diet. You can indulge in any type of food unless it is processed. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy fats are all part of this diet. Following this diet helps you get used to all-natural nutrient dense foods rather than processed and junk foods. This type of diet is not healthy for athletes however, since they require loads of carbs which this diet may not fulfill.

  • The Military Diet

The military diet is seemingly very popular. It claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds of weight in over a week. This diet involved following the diet plan for 3 days followed by ‘holidays’ for 4 days. This process is repeated till you reach your goal. A strict diet plan is followed for 3 days which should not exceed 1100-1400 calories. For the rest of the 4 days, the dieter is allowed to eat anything but it should be kept under 1500 calories. This diet is actually very effective for people wanting to lose their weight quickly. The results, however, are not very long lasting.

  • The HCG Diet

This type of diet has visible results and many male models tend to follow this diet to lose weight quickly. HCG is a hormone produced in pregnant women. It is taken as a supplement when following the HCG diet. Many people associate their weight loss to the HCG supplement. However, the weight loss usually happens because of the strict diet plan. There are 3 phases involved in this diet. Although you end up gaining all the weight back, there is no denying that this diet has obvious results. If you want to follow this diet, you can get HCG drops from HCGspot.

These are the five most popular diet trends this year. Which diet have you tried, and which one is your favourite?

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