How Does Naturally Sweet Erythritol Not Add To Your Body Weight

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A healthy lifestyle has become an absolute need of today’s generation and long working hours are affecting our health badly.

Unhealthy lifestyle and consuming an excessive amount of calories are leading cause of many diseases we are suffering today, Diabetes and obesity is the leading cause of death in the world.

Around 2 billion people around the world are overweight and that’s all because of the sedentary desk jobs, bad nutrition and low levels of physical activities.

It’s not the consumption of fat that is making you gain weight but sugar is a leading problem of many health problems.

Erythritol is a great substitute for sugar that can save you from consuming those extra 200 daily calories that you consume in form of tea, coffee or your favourite brownie.

Erythritol is easily available all over the world, you can buy Erythritol in Australia, Asia, America and any part of the world.

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that most of the low-calorie items they are consuming like energy drinks, chewing gums, sugar-free pastries, and cookies actually contain Erythritol.

So isn’t it a good idea to know about the healthy calorie-free sugar substitute you are consuming unknowingly in your diet? Let’s discuss everything about Erythritol:   

Chemical structure of erythritol

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is an organic compound classified as sugar alcohol and also known as polyols, sugar alcohol is 70% as sweet as sucrose (sugar) but it should not be confused with artificial sweeteners.

This sugar alcohol occurs naturally in plants, like fruit and vegetables and has much lesser calorie or no calories.

Erythritol is not new to the market; it’s actually invented in 1848 by John Stenhouse and since then it has been used as a sugar alternative in many food products.

Some Quick Facts about Erythritol

  • Although Erythritol is 70% as sweet as sugar but it has only 6% of the calories in comparison to sugar.
  • Sugar contains around 4 calories per gram of weight
  • While Xylitol (artificial sweetener) contains 2.4 calories per gram
  • But Erythritol contains only .21 calorie per gram.

A study estimates that an average person consumes around 38 gram of sugar on daily basis, which means you might restrict those excessive 152 Calories per day, this amount of calories plays a vital role in the weight loss.

Erythritol as an Antioxidant

Erythritol has been found to have the ability to fight free radicals and improve the immune system of the body. A cell-based study has shown that Erythritol can eliminate the reactive oxygen species, in addition, it has also proven effective in protecting blood vessels of diabetic rats against oxidative chemicals and hardening of arteries.  

Easier to Digest Than Other Sweeteners

About 90% of the Erythritol is digested into small intestine which prevents any further burden on the digestive tract.

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Helps in Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Do you know the amount of calorie deficit a person needs to have a healthy weight loss? It ranges from 200-250 calories.

Erythritol can save you from consuming 150 daily calories and that is going to play a vital role in your weight loss journey.

Body’s insulin level and testosterone levels are like a seesaw. So when insulin is high your body’s testosterone level goes down and its ability to burn calories goes down as well. You can assume that by restricting the sudden spike in your insulin levels will help you keep your metabolic rate at higher levels.

Erythritol Helps Dental and Oral Health

In comparison to regular sugar, erythritol does not have the same impact on your dental health. The common cause of tooth decay is because of the bacteria breaking down sugar for growth that damages the protective upper layer of teeth. 

This occurs when Erythritol bacteria are not capable to break it down and this restricts them to grow further.  

A study involving 485 school students has proven the positive effects of Erythritol on the dental health of students.

Students were divided into the group of three where they were given candies containing regular sugar, xylitol, and Erythritol, students who were consuming candies containing Erythritol were found to have fewer cavities.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Many people don’t understand how diabetes occurs in the body, so let me give you a short intro about diabetes and how Erythritol prevent your chances to suffer from it.

A part of every food that you eat gets converted into glucose in body to fuel your body, now the release of glucose depends on the glycemic index of food, higher glycemic index indicates faster absorbing foods like regular sugar.

These food gets into the body and creates a sudden spine of blood sugar level which is very harmful to body.

This is the reason all nutritionist supports food with a low glycemic index that kind of food have slow digestive rate and promotes a slow rise in sugar level and a moderate supply of energy for a longer period of time.

So every time you eat sugar through any food source like a cup of coffee, pudding, cookie, milk tea, etc you are making your body vulnerable to diabetes through a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.

Erythritol helps in regulating blood sugar levels by satisfying your taste buds without affecting your blood sugar levels.     

A Few Things You Need to consider While Taking Erythritol

Before you let yourself free to eat your favourite dessert without worrying about high blood sugar levels and weight gains it’s better to consider few things before consumption.

  1. Opt for brands that are delivering certified organic Erythritol, many industrialists are using genetically modified food to extract the Erythritol which might not be very good for your health in the long-term basis.
  2. Many people tend to overeat when they know that desert contains no sugar but it’s certainly not true, your dessert might not contain any sugar but it definitely contains other ingredients that will surely make you fat.
  3. Someone suffering from irritable bowel syndrome should restrain themselves from consuming Erythritol.
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