Are you a busy professional who find it hard to exercise on the weekend, let alone weekdays?

Forget about fancy gym equipment, sports shoes and track suits. You can exercise from the comforts of your home without any equipment. You can give a twist to your exercise by including some fun aspects like music and TV.

Exercise will no more be the same when you do it at home. There are some great ways to start an exercise routine at home without worrying about buying equipment. Are you thinking about losing weight too? Great, check out these 4 easy ways you can do at home.

Start by Walking

Walking is an enjoyable exercise especially when the weather is pleasant. You can take a walk admiring the scenic beauty around you. If the weather is not favourable then opt for home exercise.

If you have stairs in your house, moving up and down the stairs could be a real workout. If you have some weight to carry while moving up the stairs, it would be an added advantage.

You can get toned legs with this exercise. There is an aerobic exercise that has a low impact. In case you have no stairs in the house, you can walk around the house regularly to ensure you do not follow a sedentary lifestyle. Though it may not be an appealing idea; it can improve your physique.

Do Push-ups and Crunches

Push-ups are the way old technique of improving your build. It may not be the preferred exercise as it can be tough on the body. There are some easy ways to accomplish this task.

You can do push-ups on knees with legs straight. There standing push-ups as well, resting against the wall. Building arm strength and muscles in the chest area are possible with push-ups.

Strengthening your leg muscles is possible with leg lifts. Sometimes it may be tough to do with legs straight in that case, you can bend them slightly.

Crunches are an exercise routine used to tone the abdominal muscles. You can go up and stretch your muscles as much as possible for best effect.

Jog and Squat Alternately 

Jogging has always been a favourite among seniors. It can keep your heart healthy. You can jog while at home listening to your iPod or watching TV. The only investment is good running shoes. It can protect your feet from stress.

Squats are the best exercise for firming up your back and legs. You can just stand and sit for a few times regularly. If it is too difficult, then you can do a few repetitions to benefit your body.

Lift Light to Heavy Objects 

Weight lifting without too much weight can prove advantageous for the body. You can start with lighter weights available in the house and then move up to heavier items.

You can try laundry, water jugs, detergent bottles and the like. Dancing can flex the muscles and be a great way to keep your heart healthy. It can lift your spirits and keep you happy. It can give you a complete boost.

Staying healthy is not an option but a necessity. Wake up early and start you exercise routine without having to worry about gym, equipment, weight lifting, etc. Using things at home, you can start your exercise and get a well-toned body.

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