NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike Review

NordicTrack S10 Studio Bike
4.7 / 5 Reviewer

If you want to burn more calories and lose some belly fat, I highly recommend the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike. There are many training products in the market similar to this one. However, I found working out in this equipment exciting and highly effective.

With my old studio bike, I have to perform the same routine again and again. I have no choice because these exercises were recorded so I replayed them every time I work out.

After I bought my NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike, I always feel excited to try a new exercise and to learn from my elite coaches. I can play my favourite music as I do my routine. In fact, I have visited several countries ever since as I attempted to cycle around the world.

When it comes to choosing the right studio bike, the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike will always be my choice. For me, this is one of the most amazing physical fitness equipment I have ever used.

Overview of the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike

The NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike is undoubtedly one of the most efficient studio bikes in the world. It features a 10” interactive coaching touch screen. You can stream fitness workouts that are on-demand and train under world-famous coaches and trainers. The coach or trainer can remotely control the level of resistance, inclines, and declines that will work well for you.

With the streaming feature of the on-demand workouts, live interaction is made possible. The trainer can digitally control your resistance, incline, and decline while you are working out. You can work with world-famous coaches and trainers who shall guide and motivate you to level up on your training.

There are new exercises every day because you can stream them using the video feature. You can even perform yoga exercises and other workouts that can improve your muscle tone and increase your strength.

The 10” touch screen of the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike allows you to see clearly the studio sessions that you choose to watch every day. You can cycle around the globe without leaving your home. The Google Maps displayed on your screen shall show vivid and colourful features of the places that you “pass” along the way.

The NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike offers a wide array of studio sessions worldwide. Instead of doing similar routines every time you mount your studio bike, you can stream limitless workout options.

Cross-training is possible as you can also stream yoga and other exercises for muscle toning and conditioning. You can do your workout routine anywhere you want and however you want. This studio bike has rotating features that can achieve a 360-degree rotating display.

For upper body exercise, use the two 3-pound (approx. 1.3kg) dumbbells that come with the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Bike. Such exercise can make your arms and shoulders stronger than it already is.

Being a member brings several benefits. As a member, you can add the profiles of three more users. You can all use the studio bike for your workouts resulting in a fit family. In addition, you will get personalised exercise routines as well as diet plans, and advice regarding rest and sleep for the best results.

A Closer Look at the Features of NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike

If you look at the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike, more outstanding features shall standout as follow:

Sophisticated Technology

It is evident that the NordicTrack Commercial S10 is made with the most sophisticated technology. The 10” touch screen LCD makes it possible to stream videos and interact with coaches. One can enjoy every workout because it allows him to travel to different places and see their beauty in the Google Map displayed on the screen.

Another feature is the tracking stat. This feature automatically records your performance every time you use the studio bike. You can compare your previous performance to the present so that you celebrate for a job well done or find ways to improve if there is no improvement at all. You can set new goals and check the tracker if you are already close to achieving them.

Exercising to the rhythm of music is fun. The NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike has a music port. You can play your favourite music as you do your exercise routine in your studio bike. The two speakers that are digitally amplified allow the user to enhance the sound of the music and adjust the volume of the sound of music.


The NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike was made with ergonomics in mind. This means that it was designed for comfort. The studio bike has padded seats that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Big or small users can sit comfortably during a workout.

The handle bar is non-slip and multi-position. One can always have a firm hold on the handle bar because of its non-slip feature. The handlebar can be positioned in several ways to provide more comfort to the user.

Because a cool environment brings comfort to a person that is exercising, the studio bike is equipped with Auto Breeze Workout Fan. The cool air from the fan will keep you cool and prevent too much sweating.

Excellent Engineering

The NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike is made using excellent engineering. It has a flywheel powered by enhanced inertia. The stronger the resistance, the more effective the workout becomes. With its silent magnetic resistance, this studio bike is a silent worker. You cannot hear noise while you are doing your cycling routine.

When it comes to durability, I can attest to it. This is because the studio bike is made of commercial grade steel used by constructors. Steel is not prone to rusting but still, its durability is enhanced by coating it with a material that prevents corrosion. This is an assurance that your studio bike will have a long service life. You shall enjoy it for years and years.

You can choose from 22 resistance levels that have digital adjustments. If you are just starting to work out, you can adjust the resistance to a lower level. Others who have been engaging in this physical fitness routine for a long time can opt for a higher level of resistance.

The studio bike can support a user weighing 150 lbs or below. If you weigh less, you can feel confident that the equipment will not buckle under your weight.


You can easily use the NordicTrack Commercial S10 Studio Bike at home. It is compact so that you can easily use it because it does not take up much space.

The manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for the frame itself and a two-year warranty on the parts. The labour warranty of one rear means that you can have any problems with the equipment repaired without paying fees.

Pro and Cons

  • Has an interactive feature
  • Wide array of trainings to choose from
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • Has a tracking feature that records performance
  • Small touch screen

Should You Buy It?

This product gave me the best user experience. I found working out in a studio bike more fun and exciting than before. I have met world-class trainers and I learned a lot from them. Obviously, the positive aspects of this product outnumber the negative ones. With all its positive features, I am sure that your expense will be worth it.