Whenever Olympic games come about, athletes are not preoccupied about winning in the events, they too are concerned about environmental conditions. Being in a foreign land means, there are certain variables that are considered hazard to health.

Take for instance the Zika virus in 2015. Such health issue was a major concern in the Rio Olympics and this led to the cancellation of athletes’ and coaches’ participation to various sport events.

To understand further what risks and issues alarm Olympic athletes, read these conditions below:

1. Lack of Water Intake or Dehydration

Due to the many strenuous activities every Olympic athlete has to go through, they tend to experience fatigue and exhaustion. Consequently, the athlete becomes dehydrated. Continuous exercises without enough water breaks cause dehydration.

Some athletes tend to forget rehydrating because their attention is mainly focused on the game. This result to illness because the body is in need of fluids that are essential to sustain the normal bodily functions.

As humans, we all know that water is essential for our survival and thus more necessary for athletes. 

2. The Occurrence of Accidents and Injuries

In every Olympic season, injury is a common scenario which is why paramedics and emergency staff are ample and widespread. Every athlete knows that injury or accident may occur despite strenuous training and preparation.

In the Beijing Olympics alone, there were around 1,055 injuries documented and a good half of them were due to overuse of the muscles and bones.

Muscle overuse is common among athletes because they go through tireless training and exercises just to be fit for their competition. Overworked muscles is a huge problem because this can either make or break the competition.

Apart from muscle damage, physical injuries also are prevalent such as scratches, wound and fracture. Any wrong movement or incorrect use of equipment can lead to these injuries that is why precision and accuracy are being practiced.

3. Bacteria Present in Food and Water

Olympics staff and organisers always make it a point that food and water services are provided with quality sanitation and hygiene. However, out-of-site nourishment may not be as clean and safe which then leads to stomach flu and other digestive problems.

Becoming ill due to food poisoning or improper diet is a problem that disrupts the athlete’s participation. Perhaps, the best way to enable clean food and water is to acquire these from trusted providers.

And if you are new to a particular food, it is always helpful to ask the locals. A little research will do no harm. It actually is an advantage.

4. Infection and Other Foreign Diseases

You probably haven’t heard of this yet, but MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection is an infection caused by a type of Staphylococcus bacteria. These bacteria can harm the body by entering open cuts and bruises.

What makes this one of the top concerns of athletes and coaches is that the bacteria is difficult to treat because they are often resistant to the substances found in antibiotics.

Entering a new country for the first time entails proper preparation. This includes knowing common virus or infection-causing diseases that are predominant in that location.

5. Drinking Too Much Water or Hyponatremia

While lack of water is bad, too much water too is bad. Overdrinking is a problem when the body is not unable to flush out thee liquids in the form sweating or urinating. For some reason, athletes tend to forget the call of nature that is why Hyponatremia occurs.

Hyponatremia is a condition wherein the person experiences nausea, migraines, muscle cramps and seizures. This is due to extreme loss of sodium which arise whenever the person sweats or pees. Such illness is caused by an imbalance in the nutrients of the body because of too much water.

Final Thoughts

The Olympics is an event which is considered historical in nature because they only happen over a specific number of years. Knowing that the Olympics create world records, it is therefore necessary to prepare a water is essential for our survival for every athlete.

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