Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table Review

There are those of us who actually don’t mind paying a hefty price so long as we can be sure that the product we’re buying is of exceptional quality, is very useful, and can see us through for many decades. This is especially the case for one of the much-hyped reformer Pilates machines in the Australian market today. The Byron Bay Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table has a very hefty price tag that at first glance you’d think that it is an overpriced fitness contraption.

However, when you do manage to give it some of your famed Pilates moves, you’ll know that it is a highly valuable piece especially for those who simply want to improve their muscle toning, flexibility, and core strengthening. But, does it really justify the price? Well, let’s find out.

Overview of the Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table

The Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table from Byron Bay is one of the company’s most expensive fitness contraptions that look more like medical-grade equipment for helping patients in their physical rehabilitation programmes.

On hindsight, the Pilates Cadillac surely can double as a physical therapy contraption, helping individuals regain full functionality of their limbs while aiding them in their flexibility and muscle toning needs.

The machine requires some degree of setting up, although the actual use is often a breeze. There are no complicated instructions as to just how one can get the best results from the various Pilates manoeuvres that he or she wants to perform.

Unlike other fitness machines that come with pre-set programmes, the Pilates Cadillac doesn’t come with any. Instead, it relies solely on one’s own understanding of what is needed to achieve the desired fitness results.

The trapeze structure is very similar to the ones often seen in orthopaedic clinics complete with accessories that will have one dangling like a primate on a frame made of stainless steel.

While the principle behind the use of a trapeze system is the utilisation of one’s body weight as the primary source of resistance, the various accessories integrated into the Cadillac allow the user to perform at least 200 different exercises.

Perhaps one of the most talked-about features of the Byron Bay Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table is the use of German beech wood for its frame. It is now a characteristic of Byron Bay products. Unfortunately, this is also what gives the machine a heftier price tag than those that are built with other materials.

On a more positive note, the use of wood is always a great way of adding additional aesthetic element to one’s home. It’s like a really expensive piece of furniture, but one that you can use to help you achieve your Pilates fitness goals.

This Pilates reformer machine, as expected, is quite hefty. It requires floor space that measures about 210 centimetres long and 85 centimetres wide. It also requires a vertical clearance of at least 210 centimetres, so if one is living in a rather cramped space this is definitely not for you.

Use the Pilates Cadillac and you’re entitled to a 3-year warranty on the different parts that come with it. If you do use it for commercial purposes, then the same warranty will be reduced to 1 year. Not to worry about the German beech wood, though, since it comes with the company’s signature lifetime warranty.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Pilates Cadillac

Fully adjustable, sturdy, and complete Trapeze system

One of the best things you’ll see about the Byron Bay Studio is the design of its solid one-piece rail carriage system that allows you to seamlessly move without so much as creating creaking noises as well as other unwanted sounds. The idea here is the fewer components the rail system has, the better it is in terms of sturdiness, durability, comfort, and of course noise levels.

True enough, performing a variety of reformer Pilates manoeuvres on the single-piece rail allows for very fluid movement. It’s the smoothness of the ride (pardon the term for lack of better word) guarantees optimum comfort for the butt. Personally, I don’t like sitting on a contraption that comes with jerky movements as this can be quite taxing on my behind.

Perhaps the most important advantage of having such a system is the fact that it won’t create any of that noise that we’re now very familiar with exercise machines. Can you imagine trying to focus on every bit of contraction in all of your muscles when every now and then you’re interrupted by a creaking, annoying sound? This can surely set you back in terms of optimising the goals you want to achieve.

Exquisite and robust, combining the best of both worlds

Elegant German Beech Wood Construction

One of the highlights of the Pilates Cadillac is its full trapeze system that is actually a series of parallel bars suspended on a variety of cords or straps that you can hold onto while allowing the weight of your body to pull those muscles on your arms. Of course, this is the basic idea of using a trapeze. However, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye.

If you’re already familiar with the principles of mat-based Pilates, using this reformer Pilates machine from Byron Bay will help you get the most out of your stretching while stabilising and strengthening your core.

The trapeze system on the Cadillac features a tower or frame that is made of stainless steel. This is quite a surprise since the brand is especially known for putting emphasis on German beech wood. At the very least, you can always rely on the strength and durability of steel to accommodate your weight.

Speaking of weight, the maximum user weight that can be accommodated on the Cadillac is 120 kilogrammes. It is still quite a far cry from what I would expect to be the lower weight capacity limit of such a contraption.

Still, the Cadillac’s trapeze system is one feature that you’d definitely want to use especially if you’re more into stretching, flexibility, and core stabilisation. On that note, I think the Cadillac is also perfect for individuals who are undergoing physical rehabilitation such as those who have suffered a stroke and who may need to re-establish control and functionality of their limbs.

Modest number of Pilates fitness accessories

What’s the use of a trapeze system if you don’t have additional gadgets you can use to improve your overall fitness? Well, that’s exactly what the Cadillac has to offer. This reformer Pilates machine comes with double-loop strap handles, a foot strap, fuzzy looped handles, a roll-down bar, a stability sling, a table sling, and even a push-through U bar. All of these are designed to help you perform really acrobatic workouts.

A colleague of mine actually shared with me that you can add as many as 200 Pilates moves just using the Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table. Now if that is true you can just imagine its implications on your overall fitness level.

Each of these attachments comes with a variety of mechanisms that allow you to easily adjust the level of resistance you will be working against. This should afford you the kind of versatility you’re looking for in a Pilates reformer machine.

Stable and solid construction

Weighing a full 180 kilogrammes, the Pilates Cadillac is not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, it took me several extra pairs of hands just to move it a bit. A folding roller wheel mechanism would have been a nice touch. But the whole point of having such a heavy table in your home is more for stability.

Personally, I don’t want to be lying on the table with my back squarely on the surface attempting to perform an acrobatic manoeuvre that can spell a massive injury to me if I’m not careful. The least I’d have to worry about is the sturdiness of the platform I am lying on.

However, since the Cadillac is so efficiently stable, owing in part to its hefty solid construction and in part to its massive weight, I’d definitely feel more comfortable performing a lot of Pilates acrobatics in it.

Elegant wood table frame construction

Like the other product from Byron Bay, the Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table comes with an elegant-looking frame that is made from German beech wood. It’s not one solid block, but it sure looks like it, thanks to its fine craftsmanship that includes sanding and staining of the wood by hand. It’s not some mass-produced, machine –prepped and –built kind of contraption.

The grain of the German beech wood sure gives it a kind of touch that can be only known as graceful. It makes for the perfect addition to any furniture or even interior décor right in your home.

The good thing about the way in which the Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table is constructed is that it incorporates two of the world’s well-known materials when it comes to contemporary furniture: wood and stainless steel. Unfortunately, stainless steel is actually what adds to the weight of the table. Well, at least it won’t go anywhere.

Pro and Cons

  • Fully adjustable trapeze system for optimum versatility when it comes to performing more than 200 different exercises
  • Can be used for physical rehabilitation as well as orthopaedic management
  • Stable, durable, and sturdy construction
  • Comes with a variety of accessories to increase the trapeze table’s versatility
  • Excellent lifetime warranty for its German beech wood frame; 3-years on parts for home use or 12 months for commercial applications
  • Requires some assembly; may be quite challenging without some help
  • Very heavy at about 180 kilogrammes
  • Requires substantial floor space and vertical clearance
  • 120-kilogramme weight limit is quite mediocre
  • Quite expensive

Should You Buy It?

Not everyone may find the Byron Bay Pilates Cadillac Full Trapeze Table to be up to their liking especially if one focuses only on the price tag. However, for those who are quite familiar with such equipment they know just how good a value this product is. While it may be heavy and requires some amount of assembly not to mention the floor space it requires, it still makes for a good reformer Pilates machine.

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