Prolonging Your Passions – How to Maintain Your Lifestyle As You Get Older

For many, growing older it’s one of the most exciting life chapters yet. As we age, it is important to maintain our lifestyle, interests and activities for both our physical and mental health. While for some, our social groups may be slowing down, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of interest or activity. If slowing down isn’t something you are interested in, then consider these simple tips to help maintain your lifestyle as you age.

Keep active

Physical exercise and activities are incredibly important as you get older, and are the cornerstone of many residential care units such as Port Macquarie nursing homes. Even if we can’t stay as vigorously active as we once were, that doesn’t mean we have to stop entirely. A great way to keep active is to join a local social group that focuses on physical exercise. This could include playing golf, dance classes or joining a walking group. These types of physical activities will help keep you strong and agile, which will in turn help to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle.

Mental stimulation

As we grow older, it isn’t uncommon for our social interactions with others to become more infrequent. To maintain your lifestyle, it is important to stimulate your mind as much as your body. A great way to keep mentally active is to challenge yourself with intellectual activities such as a card game with friends, puzzles or crosswords. Alternatively, you could try an online or in-person training course, or learn to play an instrument, etc. Mental stimulation is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as is challenging your mind to remain active and alert.

Take on a project

Projects are a great way to not only keep active and challenge your mind but to also provide an independent goal for you to strive towards. The project can be as big or small as you like, such as challenging yourself to redesign the garden or build some planter boxes. These challenges include planning and execution which will help toward maintaining a lifestyle of goals or intentions and gaining that sense of accomplishment. Depending on your time commitments and costs, the projects can be simple, or they can be grand long-term aspirations. Goal setting provides positive reinforcement and strong mental resilience, which is critical throughout all stages of our life. 


Companionship is a very important need we need to fulfil. Keeping company through social events is one thing, but having a companion to come home to is also very important, and a great way to maintain this in your lifestyle is to keep a furry family member! A pet can be a great way to remain engaged, and give yourself a sense of responsibility. Caring for a pet is very rewarding and the physical requirements of walking will help keep both you and your pet healthy. Depending on your space, if a four-legged friend isn’t possible, you can look for options in smaller spaces, such as a fish, or even a bird.

As we get older we need to find strategies to stay active and connected in ways that adapt to our current lifestyle needs and situations. If you are looking for ideas to help maintain your lifestyle, then consider these simple tips.


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