Quick & Easy Barre Exercises to Do at Home Everyday

Have you ever dreamed of having the lean and supple body of ballet dancers and of moving with ease and grace like they do? Then it is time for you to head to the barre and give those light yet fat-burning exercises a try. Flatten your stomach and shed off those extra fats in your body without leaving your home. Tone your buttocks, thighs, and legs while enjoying easy ballet movements. Here are the top 4 barre exercises that combine ballet barre work, Pilates, and yoga that you can easily perform at home.

  1. Flattening the abs

This barre exercise targets core and oblique muscles. You can perform this anywhere at your home. You will need a barre 3 core ball or a rolled up towel for this exercise. Start by sitting on the mat with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. Then lean back and rest your shoulder blades on the rolled up towel or barre 3 core ball so that you will not be lying flat on your back on the mat. Press your backside onto the mat while supporting the weight of your head with your hands. Then inhale and open your chest slightly over the ball or towel. Next exhale while drawing your belly down and raising your head, neck, and shoulders. Angle your right elbow toward your right waist. Inhale back then exhale, this time aligning your left elbow toward your left waist. Repeat several times.

  1. Developing sculpted buttocks

This workout targets the glutes and the core muscles and can be performed anywhere you can have something to hold on while standing, such as a kitchen counter or a table. Stand tall and straight and rest your palms lightly on the counter or tabletop. Slightly bend your knees and lift your right foot. Lift your leg a few inches right behind you and keep it that way. The knees of the leg that you use to stand should be soft and the hips must be leaning on the counter or table. Stretch your spine long, bend forward slightly, and engage your core muscles. Lift your right toes up 1 inch and lower them, at the same time sliding out the right leg one inch then move it to the center. Repeat 30 times. Then perform the same steps with your left leg, repeating the process 30 times.

  1. Toning the thighs

This workout targets your inner thighs and can be performed in the living room. Use a couch or sturdy chair for support. Face the back of the couch or chair and rest your hands on the support. Your feet must be apart with a distance farther than your hips. Then bend your knees slightly, your toes pointing outward, and your knees aligned with your middle toes. Do not lock your knees. Square your hips and engage your core. Then drag the right foot to the left until they are closed. Next, move the left foot to the side and take the wide straddle position again. Then move the left foot close to the right. Repeat several times for 60 seconds. Once you have mastered this workout, try doing it without any support at all.

  1. Firming the arms

This exercise targets the chest, back, and arms and can be performed in your office or where there is a desk or a sturdy chair for support. Place your hands on the desk or chair and move back from the support. The distance should be shoulder-length. As you move back, stand on the balls of your feet. Extend your arms and stretch your spine long, engaging your core muscles. Then with elbows bent, move your chest close to the desk or chair. Next, press your palms and extend your hands, lifting your chest to return to the first position. Repeat the exercise for 60 seconds. Maintain a straight posture all throughout.

With these simple barre exercises, you will be able to burn calories without exerting so much effort. You will develop a well-toned body with flat abs, shapely buttocks, and strong legs and thighs, just like a ballet dancer. To maximize the benefits that you can get from these barre exercises, you can customize the workouts based on your needs. You can do fewer repetitions or modify the movements and take breaks when you think you need them. Continue with the routine until you see results.

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