In life, we often find ourselves with episodes of unhappiness. It could be because you go into a bad routine, or you’re worrying about something, stressed out about life, or that you’ve made some bad choices.

However, there are little adjustments or changes you can make in your life to make it happier. We wish we could be happy all day or every day, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

owever, the secret behind a happier life lies in the small decisions you make every single day of your life. Here are some of the things you can now to be happier:

1. Focus on Yourself

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Most of us spend too much time trying to please others and make them happy through our work, family, and friends and we forget to actually focus on ourselves. You need to take time to put yourself first.

Take time to actually do the things you like and make you happy and take a break from the desire and pressure to please others.

You don’t have to be the best at everything. You will never be able to please everyone so you might as well focus on yourself more. Take time to pursue your dreams and goals.

2. Travel

Traveling has a way of making people discover and find their purpose in life. Well, this concept is actually true. Travelling has immense benefits for your happiness and health as well.

Knowing that there is a whole world out there away from your unhappy and usual life is comforting and you should definitely go discover it.

3. Re-evaluate Your Life

Woman seems to be pondering in her thoughts while holding a penIf you are unhappy with your current living situation or unhappy with your job, or your friends or relationship is bringing you down you need to take a good look at your life and think of what you will change.

One you realise what you need, go ahead and do it. Never let yourself settle for anything that makes you unhappy. If you have to distance yourself from places or people, then you have to do it.

4. Avoid the Social Media

Guilty as charged! We all love the social media. We all love to check Facebook, scroll Instagram aimlessly, check Twitter, and like photos of other people’s lifestyles that we follow and think that their lives are so much better than ours.

This tends to affect our mental health negatively because you get the assumption that many people are liver better lives than yours. By now you should know that photos on social media are more of filters and picture ready photos.

Despite what the pictures say, they have normal lives and are dealing with the problems as well. So you need to start limiting your time on social media, in fact, delete it if you have to.

5. Stay Away From People Who Don’t Make You Happy

Man sitting on a guardrailWe have one of those friends who don’t really count as a friend because they tend to cancel all the plans you make, only reach out to you only when they need something, or they are always unreliable.

Yet somehow, we always seem to keep this people around even though they have a tendency to make you unhappy. You need to surround yourself with people who make you happy if you want to be happy right now. You need to end relationships and friends that make you miserable and not feel guilty about it.

6. Make Better Decisions

If you have alcoholic tendencies that have become all too familiar, you need to make a choice and visit an Alcohol treatment centres and get the help you need.

If you have an empty void and you tend to fill it with bad choices like alcohol, junk food, or spending money, you need to take time and reflect on how these choices really make you feel and whether or not they have a positive impact in your life.

Fill that empty void with things or activities that will benefit your health like dancing, walking, going for lunch, exercising, or take up a new hobby.

7. Clear Your Thoughts

It is in our human nature to focus more on what is worrying or bothering us and by doing so we tend to make ourselves unhappy. We tend to get stressed even over the smallest thing and we can’t stop thinking about something wrong that happened and something that goes bad.

You need to take some time and clear your head. You can do this by listening to calming music or relaxation tracks that will allow you to focus on letting go on the negative aspects on your life and focus on the positive thoughts instead.

8. Find a Routine

If you often say up late on your laptop or TV, I may seem impossible to get into a routine. This may also be the case if you work late into the morning. However, since you are looking to benefit your happiness, you need to get a steady routine to remain energetic and motivated in your daily activities.

Don’t let yourself drift into another day aimlessly, no knowing what you need to do every day. If this is the case, you will not have a positive or happy mindset.

9. Find a Clear Out

If you want to easily clear your mind, you need to find a clear out of your surroundings. Allowing a lot of things to just lay around in your house only adds to your untidiness and messiness. This will make you feel unorganised leaving you unhappy.

Go through your drawers and wardrobes and toss out anything that you don’t actually need. By organising your space, you will be organising your life.

10. Exercise

Most people don’t like hearing this but exercise has a huge benefit for your happiness and mental practice.

Make an initiative to go out for a light walk or jog and you will feel and look better and feel much happier afterwards.

The secret is to find an exercise that will be fun for you. You could go to the gym, try out yoga, hot yoga, or anything that suits your needs. Too busy to go to a gym? Why don’t you buy a home gym instead to enjoy the benefits?

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