Skincare, Stretches and Smiles – Simple Ways to Look and Feel Healthier

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We all want to look and feel our best. That said, staying fit and well while keeping up with the demands of modern life is challenging. There’s so much to squeeze into each day and balance – work, kids, study, chores, life admin and more.  

It often seems that when you achieve perfect equilibrium in life something is just waiting around the corner to throw it out of whack again! So, if you’re feeling the pressure and trying to stay well and look great, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to keep on top of your physical game, without letting other areas of your life fall to the wayside. Let’s spend a moment to look into this further.

A Trip to The Dentist

A visit to the dentist can do wonders for both your dental hygiene and your self-esteem. At your local Bentleigh dentist, you’ll undergo a thorough examination and check-up, and also get a deep clean.

The dentist will have your smile shining bright and white and will be able to recommend any further courses of action to improve your teeth, including fillings, crowns and veneers.

Some dentists also offer teeth whitening treatments, which are purely cosmetic but are great if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your grin. These procedures are excellent, especially if you’re fond of activities that aren’t good for your teeth – like smoking and lots of coffee.

Skincare Regimens

You’d be surprised at how a brief skincare regimen each day can leave you looking and feeling 100 per cent better. You don’t need to do much. Each morning (or evening before bed) wash your face with warm water, a wet washcloth and some mild, PH-neutral soap. Follow this up with a cleanser, and then a toner.

You’re spoiled for choice here; you can choose products from the same brand, or you can mix and match, depending on your personal preference and budget.

Finally, make sure to put sunscreen and moisturise all over – your body as well as your face. After a while, you’ll notice the difference to your skin, and you’ll be glowing thanks to your new regimen.

Stretch Out and Work Out

So far we’ve focused on a few things you can do to get your smile and skin in shape. But let’s not forget about those muscles and your body tone. It’s time to implement a healthy exercise routine, involving some cardio and stretching.

You have a lot of options here – cycling, swimming, running and rowing machines are all options. Couple this with stretching both before and after your workout and you’ll avoid injury and see an increase in your flexibility.

Another option is yoga. Fast flow yoga combines the intensity of a cardio workout with a solid stretching session, so you’ll both sweat and stay limber.

Diet Matters

You can do all of this, and it will be for naught if you don’t watch your diet. We’re not saying get on board with the latest keto craze or go vegan, but a healthy balanced diet is a key to physical and mental wellbeing.

Stick to lean, white meats over red, and ensure that you eat plenty of fresh greens, vegetables, fruit and grains. A little bit of dairy for some calcium and drink plenty of water, and you’ll feel right as rain.

A Cohesive Conclusion

Visit the dentist to get your smile looking bright and white. Implement a disciplined skincare regimen, and you’ll find yourself glowing after a few weeks. Develop a regular exercise routine and couple that with a healthy, balanced diet. Before long you’ll look and feel great.


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