The stair climber seems like a simple and straightforward machine but it packs a punch once you get on it. It is very popular for its ability to strengthen the lower back, as well as contribute in building strong legs and butt region.

But is there any other stair climber benefits you can get in your workout? Let’s find out.

1. Solidifies and Strengthens Major Muscle Groups

Even in its easiest setting, the stair climber has the ability to activate and strengthen large muscle groups. The repeated use of the calves, glutes, hamstring, and thighs to lift your own body weight is leading to the effective sculpting and toning of these aforementioned muscle regions.

The repetitive and simplicity of “climbing stairs” keeps the legs engaged and moving in a complete range of motion hence the full activation of the lower extremities.

The resistance that the body uses to successfully move up the stairs facilitates the development of lean muscles, which also helps in shredding more calories at rest. Using the stair climber is considered a weight bearing aerobic exercise hence you can improve your overall bone strength, too.

While most gym goers only use the stair climber to enhance their bum aesthetics, it works overtime to help build strength in other muscle groups, too.

2. More Toned Muscles

The stair climber workouts are targeted for the thighs, hips, and abdominal regions. Since you are stair climbing using the lower part of your body with variable resistance in a rapid and repetitive technique, your legs move in a complete range of motion, too.

Using the stair climber also targets areas where women most commonly build fats. When you use the stair climber, you effectively activate key muscle groups of the lower body at a rate of 120 times per minute.

This means that you are performing extremely high repetitive sets, which leads to burning more calories and sculpting the lower body, too. If you want to lose fat while building lean muscles, you should seriously consider stair climbing using this machine.

3. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

When you are on a stair climber, the steps continue one after the other unless you press the stop button. The tendency of most people is to slouch when they start feeling exhausted from using the machine.

If you keep stair climbing in an upright position, your core is effectively activated during your workout. This means that using the stair climber with a proper posture can lead to further strengthening your core muscles including the abdominals and back muscles.

On the other hand, the movement of your hips when you step on the tread also leads to the activation of your external obliques and intercostal muscles. All these movements add up to an intense and effective core workout while the rest of your muscle groups are on rest mode.

4. Excellent Weight Loss Machine

According to fitness experts, the stair climber is a more powerful fat burner. It can help you in shedding body fat more quickly than using conventional treadmill machine. Studies reveal that taking ten steps on the stair climber is as effective as taking a total of 38 steps on a treadmill.

With these numbers, we can say that stair climber offers four times more efficiency than walking on level ground and walking on a treadmill. It’s an effective machine for losing weight.

In essence, the heavier you weigh, the greater the calorie-burning capacity. If you want to lose a total of half a pound per week, a one-hour workout using the stair climber alone is more than enough to achieve this weight loss goal.

5. Optimises Cardio Efforts

Most people turn their attention to the treadmill when they plan on having a great cardio workout. But did you know that the stair climber is more effective and is considered a cardio powerhouse by fitness experts?

The activity of stair climbing increases your heart rate at a rapid rate. It triggers your cardiovascular system faster than when using the treadmill hence it has greater calorie-burning capacity.

It is also known to help in speeding up the intake of oxygen by activated muscles. When you incorporate the use of a staircase climber into your fitness regimen, you are cutting the time that it takes for oxygenated blood to reach active muscle groups.

You will develop cardiovascular endurance quicker when you utilise the stair climber properly. And with an enhanced cardiovascular endurance, you can perform other workouts more efficiently while simultaneously burning calories within a short period of time.

The next time you’re at the gym, switch up your exercise routine a bit and opt to use the stair climber. Who knows? It might become your favourite gym equipment after a tough but rewarding workout on it.

If you are worried about getting some muscle soreness after using a stair climber, check out these 5 tips to reduce muscle pains you can try.

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