Stay Fit on Valentine’s Day: Here are 8 Workout for Couples to Try


Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you’ll be focusing on dates, gifts, and love. But just because you’ll be busy with preparations doesn’t mean that you should miss a day in the gym. Why not do something different this year and bring your partner for a full workout?

Now you might think this is crazy because who in the world would go to the gym on Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t heard of it, the gym is now the new bonding place of couples who love to stay fit.

This is even the place where some partners started their romance. So if you want a different kind of date, here is a power workout for you and your love.

1. Squats with Rotational Pass

Squats may be a great exercise for women, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a toned butt. Try doing squats with a rotational pass with your partner for a more challenging take on squats.

To do this, use a medicine ball that you will pass to your partner. Position yourselves behind each other and start passing the ball from one side to the other. This added movement will also help tone your lower torso.

2. Push-Ups with Hand Taps

If you want to get your core muscles working, you can try this twist on a push-up. Instead of your conventional push-up, add a high five with your partner every time you rise from a push-up. Make sure that you are facing each other and doing the exercise at the same rhythm.

3. Wheelbarrow Push-Ups and Squats

A push-up and a squat are two of the most common exercises you’ll ever encounter. Using these two workouts, you can bond with your partner by asking him or her to lift up your feet while you do a plank. Then, lower your body for a push-up while your partner squats to keep your back parallel to the floor.

4. Partner Heel Taps

This exercise requires you to use a resistance band. Resistance bands are very helpful if you want to do resistance training. If you don’t have equipment at home, you can take advantage of having a partner holding the other end of the band.

For heel taps, lie on the ground while your partner stands just above your head. Push one end of the resistance band to the floor using your feet while your partner holds one end just in front of their hips.

5. Side Lunge with Ball Throw

And now you can focus on your legs. Because you have a partner, you can do more types of lunges. For this exercise, you will need a ball to pass to your partner. Face each other with a meter’s distance in between you. Then, both of you lunge to each other’s right side. When you get back to starting position, throw the ball to your partner. Do this for the other side as well.

6. Triceps Kickbacks

Another exercise where you can use a resistance band is a triceps kickback. A triceps kickback works by having you and your partner face each other while each of you will hold one end of the resistance band.

The band should only be on one side. With your knees a little bent, start by pulling the resistance band away from each other. This exercise will strengthen both your triceps plus your core muscles.

7. Sit-Ups with Ball Pass

If you haven’t had enough of core exercises, then a twist on a sit-up might be good for you. This sit-up version needs a medicine ball because you will pass this ball to your partner for every rep.

To start, both of you should be in a sit-up position with your ankles side by side. Together, do a sit-up and the one that has the ball should pass it to the other.

8. Jump Squats and High Fives

This is by far the easiest exercise, but it’s a full body workout that will keep you on your toes (literally). Simply do a squat and whenever you go up, jump high in the air and give a high five to your partner. Simple as that!

There are still so many exercises you can do with your partner. And even if the exercise can be done individually, having someone with you while working out makes a good bonding idea for Valentine’s Day.

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