Personal training requires years of practice and patience. It is more like an art where you control yourself. Opting personal training as your career is a very big decision.

It’s ideal to choose to be a personal trainer only if you have the passion to do it. If you love fitness and working out is something you feel good about then nothing’s better than being a personal trainer. In this way, you can also help others achieve their desired fitness goals.

You might receive casual training that makes you a trainer but before making it your career, you need proper personal trainer certification from a reputed institution so that people can offer you a relevant job.

If you wonder personal training is limited to fitness than it’s not. It allows you to grow your skills and help people get their desired body and mindset.

Some of the best things that you’ll get to face are, you will be rewarded. Here the word rewarded has two meanings. The first meaning outlines your growth in this career whereas the other meaning outlines the reward in the form of appreciation that you get when your client feels the difference in her body.

Along with that, there are some more perks that you get by choosing personal training as your career. For example, you get flexibility with your timings and schedule. You are free to choose the time and set a schedule for your client. This will give you a free hand to make time for other priorities in your life.

To help you pursue personal training as your career, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Get Certified as a Personal Trainer

Once you’ve decided that you want to become a personal trainer then the first step you should take is to get proper certification. To do that you have to look for a trusted training institution that can provide you a certificate.

The benefit of choosing a reputed institute will make it easier for you to get a permit as they have accredited protocols and procedures.

Before getting enrolled in any of the training institutes make sure you have sufficient information related to that place. Gather information about the courses they offer, the instructors they have and more importantly, make sure it’s worth paying. If you are ready to invest a hefty amount on the training then you should know that’s a budget-friendly option.

Look for a Job

After getting done with all your training courses, you have to look for a job that can help you establish your career. And one of the best parts about being a personal trainer is that you are bound to work for a particular organisation.

You can train people personally and make as many clients as you want. Also, you can train for a short time and save some money until you get your place then you can train people personally. It will help expand your circle and people will trust you more with the quick results you’ll provide. You can also pay more attention to your clients.

Here are some places where you can apply as a personal trainer:


In modern days people prefer gyms over other health clubs. And to begin your career as a personal trainer, there’s no better place than a gym. However, they have a few drawbacks.

One, you have to work for more hours that are not included in your shift. Two, they’ll pay you less. It doesn’t matter if you work all day or night, you will receive a small amount at the end of the day.

Training Studios

Gyms are comparatively larger than personal training studios. However, they require you to be more educated and trained in a particular field. They also demand certain specialisation so you can give your best. The great part about them is they pay well. So you can generate a good amount after spending hours at the studio.

Community Centres

Before spending hours applying for a job in personal training it’s ideal if you begin with your community centres. All you need to do is talk to the higher authorities of the park and submit your resume along with your experience. This will help them understand your skills and specialisations. In this way, you can also serve for the betterment of society.


Medical and healthcare centers are perfect to practice your training skills by generating good money. These places usually offer more than expected. Due to the illness or sick conditions of the patient, you get paid with an extra amount for the efforts.


The majority of modern cruise lines offer personal training for the guests on the cruise. This kind of opportunity demands you to have proper certification and skills to train people well. The biggest benefit is that you can travel for free, explore new cities and sail for a long time.

Spa and Luxury Hotels

All of the luxury hotels. Spas and resorts have their trainer for fitness activities. It allows the trainer to train and learn at the same time. Along with other trainers, you can learn so much more and workout better. This job provides an attractive monthly income that can help you get settled.

Corporate Training

The term corporate training sounds pretty professional and so it is. This is a lifetime opportunity that can help you make your name in the fitness industry and make some good money. Corporate fitness also offers exclusive packages so you can train the employees well.

In-House Fitness

For in-house fitness training, you can train clients by visiting their homes. You don’t have to train them with any third-party association but you can simply make your training profile so that people get to know you. By going to your client’s place you can charge them well and start your own business.

This will save your overhead costs. For example, you don’t need any place to make people visit. You can act smart by offering them the right training at their place.


When you decide to become a personal trainer it doesn’t mean that you have train someone using physical efforts. You can become a nutritionist, health writer or even train people online. There’s a lot you can do by being a personal trainer with the right knowledge and skills.

With all the benefits there are some challenges that you have to go through. You might have a low-income rate in the beginning and it will become difficult to earn more for a living. But if you decide to be persistent with your efforts then you can truly generate more than expected. All you need is time and patience.