People who suffer from excessive sweating are constantly looking for ways to prevent this, especially when the warmer weather comes along. If you are the type of person to sweat through a lot of shirts, then you know that this could make you feel really self-conscious.

This could also cost you a lot of money if your armpit stains ruin your clothes. To ease the stress that these problems bring, here are a few tips to relieve sweating.

1. Put on Some Deodorant

You could begin by regularly putting antiperspirant on. You should put deodorant on after drying your armpits to make sure that it sticks to the skin. You should also make sure that it dries off first before you put on clothes.

Not doing so can leave yellow stains on white clothes and white stains on black clothes. Mineral salts and all-natural powders are other effective ways to ease your body from sweating.

Try to look for a deodorant with silver in it, as this is the ingredient that helps remove unwanted odors. Meanwhile you should avoid deodorants that have parabens, triclosan, and aluminum compounds.

If you sweat a lot, you should also make a habit of putting on antiperspirant in the night. This allows the active ingredients present to work while you get some much-needed shuteye.

The lower temperatures at night also help deodorants work their magic better. This is also the time where most people are less likely to engage in physical activities that could make them sweat.

You should also make sure that your antiperspirant has maximum contact with your skin. This is true whether you use a roll-on, a stick, or a spray on variety.

If you have hairy armpits, you may want to trim or shave that area to make sure that the deodorant you use sticks to it as much as possible. However, you should not apply antiperspirant directly after shaving. You should wait at least a full day before doing so.

2. Wear an Undershirt

One more thing you can do is to wear an undershirt. Even though these could be pricey at the start, they are a worthwhile investment, especially if it means that your shirts don’t get ruined.

Most undershirts these days are made with special fabrics such as bamboo, which help deodorize and absorb sweat. If you feel that undershirts are too bulky then you could also try underarm guards or shields. These are cotton pads that are meant to be put directly over the armpit area to avoid sweating.

3. Wipe the Affected Area

If excessive sweating leaves you with a sticky feeling, try wiping the affected area with a towelette. Using ones with natural ingredients not only help make you feel fresher and cleaner, but it also lessens the chances of skin irritation happening.

A lot of towelette varieties also feature fragrances such as fresh cucumber and lemon, which helps remove, or at least lessen, the scent of your sweat. Spraying on essential oils on your underarms can work to the same effect.

4. Dress Accordingly

Dress appropriately for the season as well. For example, do not pile on the layers when the temperatures skyrocket. On the other hand, during colder seasons, you can wear sweaters and hoodies to hide your sweat.

In terms of colors, try wearing breathable fabrics in light colors if you sweat a lot. You should also avoid wearing light colors such as blue and gray, as these can make your pit stains extremely obvious. Try wearing darker colors, as these conceal sweat. Only do so if the weather permits it, because darker colors retain heat.

5. Use a Stain Remover

If sweat still manages to penetrate your clothes after following these tips, then you can also invest in stain remover sprays. Try to get one made with natural ingredients, as this is less damaging to garments.

Some types of all-natural stain removers are also more effective compared to chemical ones. They don’t only get rid of pit stains, as they could also work for almost every blemish from wine to tomato sauce, and even mud.

Whether you sweat profusely because of warmer weather or if it just happens naturally, following these tips and tricks could help alleviate these problems. Just remember that these are no instant solutions, so make a habit out of them. Sooner or later, you will be able to see the difference – a decrease in how much you sweat.