As your already know, summer is here and instead of just lazing around the pool, you can try to burn a few pounds, you can try out aqua fitness. This way, you can balance out relaxing and getting some exercise.

If you are not the type of person who likes to work out in the gym, you will be happy to find out that water fitness can bring the same results with a lot less effort. This means no lifting weights, running marathons, or other unpleasant steps to burn fat. Beyond that, it brings a whole lot of health benefits as well.

Benefits of Water Workouts

1. It Is Low Impact

Anyone who has ever tried to work out in the gym knows how sore muscles and injuries feel like. This is because of the stress that land-based exercises bring to the joints and muscles. In comparison, water fitness is a low impact exercise that builds strength and gives a cardio burn.

No matter how much deep water running or water aerobics you do, these exercises will still be gentler. It is more forgiving to your body compared to a gym workout.

This is the reason why water workout is the best option for recovery and rehabilitation after an accident. Exercising on the water after the injury or operation leads to quicker recovery.

Those who are not back to their original stability will be relieved to know that the natural buoyancy of the water will keep them from simply falling down.

The normal effect of gravity also reduces the impact on the body and is great for improving flexibility. Instead of having all the muscles and joints supporting the full body weight, this load is significantly reduced.

2. It Keeps Your Heart Healthy and Happy

Water workouts are great for the heart. Exercising in the water simply makes it easy for the heart to perform efficiently, thanks to the water pressure coming in from all sides. This pressure, called hydrostatic pressure, is beneficial because it helps improve blood circulation.

In fact, the heart rate per minute is much lower while doing water exercises. However, it certainly does not mean that fewer calories are being burned.

In general, people burn more calories when working out in the water compared to exercising in the gym. This is because of the fact that water has more resistance compared to air. Therefore, the body is forced to work harder and end up burning more calories.

This has been proven by research, as well as the fact that more muscle mass is gained and more body fat gets lost doing underwater treadmill compared to someone doing it on land. For the same amount of time, you can more effectively burn calories.

3. It Helps Build Muscle Through Resistance

Even simply walking on the water is much harder compared to walking on land, and the main reason is the resistance from water. While it makes it more difficult to move in the water, it does help build muscles.

Some fitness ideas include doing squats on the water and even doing common exercises like jumping jacks, lunges, or high knees. Another good idea is to simply do laps on the water, whatever the size and the shape of the pool.

These exercises will get the heart pumping again and eventually burn the calories. For those who are looking for a bit more challenge, then you can use water weights while doing exercises.

4. It Is Fun

Water fitness is one of the most popular ways nowadays to exercise without the rigors of a proper exercise routine.

Even just walking from one end to the other can deliver the health benefits of aqua fitness, but for more hardcore exercise, there are ways to make it more difficult and build more strength.

At the same time, because it delivers more benefits with less effort and time, you have enough time to relax by the pool afterwards.

While swimming and hanging out by the beach or pool is a common thing to do during summer, more and more people are discovering the benefits of aqua fitness.

With just a fraction of the time and effort required to deliver the same health benefits, water fitness is truly a great workout for everyone.

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