Are you on a diet with the hope of shedding off several pounds? Do you feel frustrated if you lose only a few? Do you think losing 5% of your current weight is insignificant because you weight more than 200 pounds?

Regardless of how heavy you are, losing 5% of your current weight is enough to bring several health benefits. Here are the big gains from losing just a few pounds.

Sleep Apnea is Alleviated

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by brief interruptions of breathing while asleep. This ailment is experienced by people who are overweight. If the symptom is serious, a sleep machine is needed to ensure continuous breathing during sleep.

Losing 5% of the current weight has been known to reduce symptoms of sleep apnea and allows the person to be weaned from a breathing machine.

The Risk of Cancer is Reduced

A 5% weight loss can reduce the risk of developing cancer. When you lose a few pounds, the inflammation in the body is also reduced. Studies have shown that inflammation is one of the causes of developing cancer.

Production of cytokine, which causes inflammation, is hampered. This results in the reduction of the possibility of suffering from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Health is Improved

Whether you lose 30 pounds or 10 pounds does not matter when it comes to having a healthy heart. Weight loss, no matters how small, can make your heart healthier than before.

This is because once you lose weight, production of healthy cholesterol is enhanced while that of triglycerides is hampered. These changes can prevent heart disease and the possibility of a stroke.

Deep and Restful Sleep is Experienced

Weight loss can help improve rest and sleep because it reduces sleep apnea, which is one cause of sleeplessness. People that lose 5% of their weight experienced longer sleep time that is deep and restful.

An increase of 22 minutes added to sleep time has been reported. Because they are able to sleep well and rest well, their energy increased and they are able to perform their tasks better than those who experience interrupted sleep.

Mood Becomes More Pleasant

A person that has lost weight tends to have an improved mood. Once you feel happy because of losing weight, the production of endorphins increases. Endorphins are hormones that are responsible for having a good mood.

If you lose even just 5% of your weight, you can feel a sense of fulfillment especially when you have been exercising to shed off the extra fats. You feel happy and proud of yourself despite the minimal weight that you lost.

Lowers the Risk of Having Diabetes

Losing weight can reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes. This is because losing 5% of your weight can help lower the level of blood sugar.

The decrease in blood sugar is almost the same as the decrease in blood sugar level resulting from taking medication for diabetes. The chance of developing this condition is also reduced, leading to a healthier and diabetes-free life.

Self-confidence is Enhanced

If you have been trying hard to lose weight, losing 5% can make you feel better and happier. The effect might not yet be visible but the fact that you were able to lose some pounds can be enough to boost your morale and self-confidence.

Now that you know that your efforts in shedding off stored fats have succeeded, you can look forward to more pounds to be lost in the near future.

Sex Drive is Improved

Feeling happy about your success in losing a few pounds can make you relax. Because of your gained energy, you can be as physically active as you want. Your sex drive becomes stronger. Weight loss can also increase fertility and the chance of a woman getting pregnant.

Insulin Levels Decrease

While insulin helps in normalizing blood sugar levels, too much of it can have a negative effect. If you have a high level of insulin, the fat tissue in your body increases. Another effect of having high insulin level is the development of male characteristics on women such as abnormal growth of hair and infertility.

If you are seriously trying to lose weight, be happy even with losing just a few pounds. You can still reap a lot of benefits to your health and your personal life.

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