While many industries take a significant blow and many stocks plummet, one sector is enduring, even growing, amidst the global pandemic that is the COVID-19 outbreak: cyber health and wellness.

As a result of lockdown mandated by the Australian government, the fitness industry initially suffered a major blow as gyms and fitness centres in major Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney and the rest of the country were forced to close their doors temporarily.

But due to necessity and passion for wellness, it quickly picked itself up to reinvent the world and keep the demand for fitness-related products and services on high.

Gym instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness influencers made a collective and conscious effort to keep the fitness community, as well as preserve the nation’s mental health.

Since the lockdown, a massive influx of home workouts arose, utilising traditional gym equipment often replaced by household items such as towels and water bottles.

Yoga classes are hosted live on Instagram and YouTube, and Q&A sessions provide professional advice and on-demand premium videos to try.

The sudden shift from in-person to digital platforms got the consumers to desire a sense of connection and seeking for inspiration to keep moving while stuck at home; in most cases, without the standard equipment they find at their respective gyms.

We will look at different ways to fill the demand and continue to support restless Australians who desire to get fit and healthy amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Inspire People to Get Moving Without Leaving Their Homes

Since gym-goers and consumers are stuck at home, it was challenging to keep for them to stay active and get the proper exercise. Realizing this opportunity, gyms and fitness personalities maintained their connection with clients through fitness-focused videos and live streams online.

These types of digital content offer a simple and easy way to maintain a connection with clients by addressing their need to keep moving. This way, they can keep their figure and enhance their health and wellness-qualities that are considered crucial during these trying times.

2. Virtual Competitions and Activities to Foster Competition

Inspiring people to get moving is just one side of addressing the needs of clients within a world of social distancing. Over the past few weeks, fitness companies, wellness organisations, and tech-savvy fitness fanatics have adjusted to the new normal.

For instance, obstacle race course organisers launched virtual races to keep their client based tuned in and motivated at home while they wait for actual races once the crisis is over.

There are also virtual runs wherein participants follow a few guidelines while running around their respective grounds, be it at the nearest empty park or running on a treadmill at home.

These digitized fitness and wellness competitions deliver a fun alternative; there is simply no permanent replacement for the thrill and excitement of running in groups or finishing an obstacle course with teammates.

So, the question now is, how should the fitness formulate a long-term plan for clients with the emergence of new digital behaviours and apply these lessons forward into a post-coronavirus world?

3. Experience the Same Intense and Fun Workouts at Home

To stay fit and healthy, health experts recommend that adults perform at least two and a half hours of moderate physical activity weekly. This translates to investing 20 to 30 minutes of your day to working out. This recommendation may be challenging to achieve while everyone is at home during the lockdown.

Gym instructors realised this problem early on, so proving them with consistent and regular digital fitness content will ensure that clients can successfully execute a sweat session at home while practicing self-isolation and social distancing.

People are also encouraged to take advantage of free trials from fitness influencers and fitness companies during these extraordinary times. Instead of paying for online coaching, you can follow workouts that will give you results without spending a dollar.

Since Australians are well aware of the importance of health and fitness in their lives and their desire to maintain an excellent workout routine, it wasn’t difficult for many clients to shift to digital platforms.

These digital problems are valuable as they help clients in crushing their fitness goals, so they can emerge from lockdown with a lean physique and bigger muscles to boot.

Creating fresh content regularly is a challenge for fitness professionals across Australia. Retaining members and attracting new clients means that workouts should feature variety and offer alternatives that are ideal for the home setting.

The digitization of the fitness industry in Australia and all across the globe is a sign of resilience amid adversity. It’s about nurturing positivity and continuously fostering fitness around our new way of life.