When it’s cold outside, it seems like the best place to workout is inside your home. This can be true if the temperature outside has dropped. But if they’re your normal winter temperature, it would be a waste for you to miss out on the cool air.

The trick here is to wear the right clothes. Since it’s winter, your usual tight leggings or shorts won’t be enough to shield you from the cold.

Here are a few outfits you can wear to keep your body temperature regulated.

1. Polypropylene-made Tight Clothes

The first layer of your clothes (yes, you will have to add layers for the winter) should be made of polypropylene or polyester material.

These materials are often called “moisture-wicking” because of their ability to evaporate sweat. This is important so that your clothes won’t keep moisture that will create more cold inside you.

It also helps to wear tight-fitting clothes like leggings and long sleeve tops. These clothes will not only keep sweat at bay, but it will also help regulate the temperature of your body. Just imagine wearing loose clothes.

If you move around, air will go inside you and this will just give your body a hard time to keep the heat inside.

2. Fleece or Spandex Tops

The second layer that you should wear is a jacket made of fleece or spandex. These materials will add extra heat to your body especially if it’s extra cold outside.

You can also wear heavyweight clothes underneath so that you don’t have to add an extra layer of clothing. Heavyweight clothes will give you more insulation which is ideal if you also get cold easily.

To help you decide what layers to add, always check the temperature outside. While tight-fitting clothes will do, more insulation is needed if the cold is below the temperature your body can handle.

3. Windproof Jacket

The next layer you have to wear is also the outermost layer of clothing. Since you will go out where the air is harsh that it seems like to seep into your clothes, you want to wear something that repels it.

The best clothing to wear is a windproof jacket. A windproof jacket helps block wind and repel water so that they don’t get anywhere near your skin.

But another advantage of wearing this piece of clothing is its ability to trap heat inside your body. There are also windproof clothes out there and you don’t have to wait to wear the outermost layer to have it on you.

For example, wearing windproof clothing inside will also make a good tip because this will add more protection to your body.

If you plan on wearing wind and waterproof clothes, make sure that the material will allow your body to breathe so that you don’t create excess moisture.

4. Gloves

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about protecting your hands. If you leave your fingers bare when you step out, you might have a hard time moving them.

For some adults, the cold can be too much that it almost paralyzes their fingers. So to avoid having immobile fingers, always make sure to wear gloves.

5. Winter Accessories

Even if you’re already suited up, don’t go out of the house if you haven’t protected your other body parts. This includes your ears and your neck.

Did you know that these areas are sensitive to temperature? That is why people advise you to keep your neck and ears warm if you want to stay warm.

Following that logic, you might want to slip on a scarf and earmuffs. Or if you don’t want to wear a scarf, a cap will do to keep your head and ears warm.

6. Water-resistant Footwear

And to finish off your winter workout look, don’t forget to wear water-resistant shoes. Water-resistant shoes will help prevent any slipping accidents you can get yourself into when you walk or jog.

Make sure that they fit you well too so that you don’t risk losing your balance. While you’re at it, wear non-bulky socks that can still keep your feet warm. Wearing these clothes might add a little more weight to your body, but they will ensure that you don’t freeze outside.

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