With the beginning of a new age of health-conscious individuals, health drinks have risen to fame. You see them everywhere – on vending machines, on groceries, and even on social media where one person tries to blend all these green leafy vegetables for a smoothie.

Nowadays, drinks have shifted from pastel-colored to green. But with these healthy drinks, people are wondering. Are they that healthy? If you drink them frequently, do they give a substantial impact on your health? Read on to find out.

What are Health Drinks?

A health drink is any beverage that offers nutrients and minerals. They are often marketed to fulfill your vitamin deficiencies or to help give you the energy you need.

However, even if they sound healthy, nutritionists advice against consuming health drinks all the time. To make it easier to understand, here are some health drinks and the truth about them.

1. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have become a famous drink for people who lift weights or who want to build a lot of muscle. But the problem is, protein shakes should be taken only by people who need to have their muscles recovered.

Take, for example, weightlifting athletes always work on their muscles when they lift weights. By taking a protein shake an hour before their workout, muscle tension and injury can be prevented during their actual workout. People who also do high-intensity training can benefit from drinking protein shakes.

2. Energy Drinks

Another famous drink are energy drinks. Energy drinks are marketed as a sports drink where people regain energy after their workout. The key phrase here is after a workout.

It’s true that energy drinks are needed if and only if you will be using up a lot of energy. Energy drinks are filled with sugar and salt, so if you are doing high-intensity training sessions, then having an energy replacement will be helpful.

However, if you drink energy drinks for the sake of being more energetic and awake, then you are just adding more salt and sugar in your body. They only sound healthy, but if you live a pretty inactive lifestyle, then there is no use filling yourself with excess sugar and salt.

3. Fruit Juices

For people who avoid eating carbs, fruit juices have become their best friend. Fruits are known to be rich in water content, so it’s more filling to consume. At the same time, they are very tasty and sweet that people prefer to drink this instead of water.

Just like any other processed drink, fruit juices are not that safe to drink especially if you are watching your blood sugar. Processed fruit juices have high sugar content which makes it a no-no beverage for those who really want to be healthy. If you still want to drink fruit juices, make sure that you make the juice on your own.

Use a juicer to get the juice of lemons, oranges, and citrus fruits. Plus, avoid adding a lot of sugar. If the juice is too sour, add a teaspoon of natural honey. Check out these fruit juice recipes for more ideas.

4. Vegetable Smoothies

And then you have your vegetable smoothies. If you’ve been on YouTube lately, you’ll notice that there are a lot of people sharing their vegetable smoothie ingredients. From supermodels to fitness trainers, vegetable smoothies have become the new go-to morning drink.

Of all the drinks shown here, vegetable smoothies are by far the healthiest. Aside from the fact that you consume the whole vegetable, it also becomes easier to digest.

The only problem here would be knowing what kind of vegetables and their right amounts to put in the smoothie. Moreover, some nutritionists argue that eating vegetables is a lot better than drinking them. The same thing goes for fruits.

There are many kinds of healthy drinks. Their health benefits differ on the reason why you drink them and when you drink them. Most of these drinks are not meant to fill vitamin or nutrient deficiencies that you have. So if this is the reason why you want to drink healthy drinks, it’s best to turn to a healthier diet.

To add to that, you should always be mindful of the ingredients placed on the drinks. As a rule of thumb, drinks that are like water and have organic ingredients are always a better choice.

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