Weight training has been commonly associated with bulky men and women. Females that see a picture of a woman bodybuilder displaying her huge and hard biceps usually think that she got them from weightlifting and so, she avoids this type of workout as much as possible.

This is one reason why most women prefer to use the treadmill in a gym or jog outdoors. They believe that anaerobic exercises will help them lose weight without causing their muscles to enlarge too much.

However, by avoiding lifting weights, they miss some parts of the body that can only be toned by performing weight training. In fact, there is no truth to the claim that if they continue with the exercise, they will become as muscular as the women who compete in bodybuilding contests.

These women did things intended to grow massive muscles, which not all women can easily do. Here are the top three reasons why women must not be afraid of weight training.

1. Women are not made to become as muscular as men.

Yes, women cannot naturally attain that bodybuilder look without tampering with nature. The truth is that there are two different hormones that influence the physical features and characteristics of males and females.

Men have very high levels of testosterone, the hormone that makes it possible for them to develop big muscles. Even if they do not lift weights, they can become muscular just by doing chores that require them to exert effort.

Women, on the other hand, possess high levels of oestrogen, the hormone that gives them their body structure. Women cannot develop huge muscles the way men do because their body structure is different.

In order for them to have prominent muscles, they have to be injected with steroids to increase their testosterone hormones. Once there are more of the male hormones than the female hormone, their body structure will resemble that of the men. This means that weight training cannot just make a woman muscular. It is the increase of male hormones that can do it.

2. Bulking results from increasing calorie intake and then doing the right workout to burn them.

It seems unthinkable for women to intentionally increase their calorie intake so that they can burn it again. They eat a lot of foods with high-calorie content so that the fats around their muscles will thicken.

Then they have to perform a rigorous exercise to burn those calories. They need to intensify their workout so that some parts of the muscles are torn. Then, they exercise to heal the torn muscles. As the muscles heal, they grow in size as well.

Females wanting to have a healthy body with no fats at all are careful with their diet. They avoid foods high in calories so that they can maintain their weight.

Unless they are aspiring to become one of those famous bodybuilders, they will never consume too much food. So even if they are doing weight training, there is no possibility for them to develop the oversized muscles that can make them look less attractive and less feminine.

3. Developing massive muscles is achieved by increasing the number of repetitions with weight or resistance training. 

In order to make a muscle grow, it has to be torn first and then repaired. This means that if a woman doing weight training does not repeat it too many times or does not increase resistance, she cannot develop muscles that protrude in almost all parts of her body.

Normally, women lifting weights would increase the resistance of repletion of the exercise but they do this based on what they are capable of. The effort that they exert is just enough to get rid of their stored fats rather than tearing and re-growing muscles.

Apparently, weight training does not result to a hulky body as what many people believe. In fact, it is an effective exercise that can target many parts of the body.

However, women need someone knowledgeable with how this workout must be executed to enjoy maximum benefits. If you do not know how to use the equipment properly, there is a big chance that you can end up injuring yourself.

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