Tips On How To Lead A Healthy Life In A Contemporary Setting

Technology has given us a very easy lifestyle which has made people less active. We use machines for washing clothes, traveling; cleaning the house and our entertainment is mostly sitting in the same place watching television or computer.

This sedentary lifestyle has made people reduce their activity levels. This often results in obesity and other related diseases.

Exercising is good for both body and mind. Adults should get exercise of minimum 150 minutes every week. The convenient way of giving the body the activity it needs is by incorporating the exercises into the day to day activities like walking, cycling, etc. there are numerous benefits of exercising, and they are listed below.

Stress Relief

Exercising every day has proven to reduce the stress of both physical and mental manner. Even a walk or a quick visit to the gym for mild workout increases the production of nor-epinephrine in the body, which regulates the brain’s stress response, by exercising every day, we can keep both body and mind in a relaxed state.

Production of Happy Hormones

Working out the body releases endorphins. This group of hormone is known to bring about the feelings of elation, happiness, and euphoria. It can reduce depression and stress and doctors recommend working out at least 30 min every day to improve overall mood.

Develop Self-Confidence

Being fit physically naturally improves self-confidence.  Being fit boosts self-esteem. Looking and feeling healthy improves the person’s perception of their self.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Working out outdoors in the natural breeze and light has also proved to improve the mood. A jog in the park, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing is all out door workouts that can boost one’s self-worth from their perception.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

As we get older, it is inevitable that the brain begins its cognitive decline. There cannot be any cure for Alzheimer’s, but exercising can delay the degeneration.

Especially between 25 and 45, working out helps in increased secretion of chemicals in the brain. This prevents degeneration of hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Reduce Anxiety

Working out also helps in relieving anxiety. The endorphins, as mentioned earlier, can lift the mood and spirits, causing the person with anxiety to relax and be calm. A 20-minute jog can easily reduce anxiety levels.

Improvement of the Brainpower

Various studies performed on both humans and lab rats have shown that cardiovascular workouts help in the production of brain cells, known as neurogenesis. This improves the performance of the brain.

Sharpen Memory

As mentioned earlier, intense workouts cause increased cell production in the hippocampus, the centre of learning and memory. Working out boosts brain power.

Addiction Control

Dopamine is a chemical secreted by the brain when the body gets pleasure in many forms like exercise, drugs, sex, food or alcohol. Some people get addicted to this dopamine secretion mostly from alcohol and drugs.

This can be reduced, at least in the short term, by physical exercises. Since exercise produces dopamine, the cravings of the addicts can be brought somewhat under control. Also, the damage done to the body due to the addiction can also be rectified by working out.

Inspire Others

Exercises make us perform better in all activities. This would inspire the friends or relatives to take up exercises themselves to make their lives better.

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