Most of us are always running around and have a very busy routine. From running to conference rooms to making it just in time to catch your flight and head out of town for a meeting. From running after your toddler to making quick stops at the nearby grocery store.

A typical day consists of us being up at our feet since 6 am in the morning. Thus, it is no surprise that you or your body might need a break.

In a day consisting of 24 hours, giving even one hour to yourself makes a remarkable difference. Thus, pamper yourself and try to calm your nerves in that one special ‘’ me time’’ hour.

You can do a lot in this time span. Some prefer going to play squash or some prefer going to the library or getting a massage done. Some just like to take a nap and some prefer hitting the gym. Hitting the gym is therapeutic. It not only makes you calm down but also keeps your body healthy.

It makes it active and strong enough to brave any storms that might come in the form of obesity or diabetes. To exercise doesn’t always have to be a messy affair where you are grunting and gasping and sweating all over. No, you can exercise with style with suitable active wear.

1. Be Equipped with the Right Gear

When you are exercising, you are putting your body through a long series of challenges. From jumps to squats, your body is going to have to go through it all. Thus, you need to make sure that your body is most at ease. This comes with the right gym gear. Having the proper gym gear means no more wearing ill-fitting shirts and pajamas while exercising.

Buy the right sort of gym gear. Make sure that they are of a stretchy material and buy a variety. You need at least workout tights for when one of them is in the laundry because gym gear needs regular washing and cleaning. Buy sleeveless tops and full sleeves.

Buy jackets and pullovers and also sweatpants. Make sure that they are in the proper fitting. They should not be too loose but should be hugging your body but not too tight that your body can barely breathe. It should be of a fit that allows your body maximum movement.

2. Buy Neutral Colours

Everybody knows that sweating is a natural part of the exercise. When you put your body through that much effort and physical work, it is bound to sweat. If you sweat in the gym, it means that you are not burning any fat so sweating is actually good news guys.

However, what is not good news is sweat patches all over your clothes. Yes, we know it is not your fault but you can always hide it. Sweat patches are not very stylish now, are they? This is why you should buy dark and neutral colours in your gym gear. Buy blacks, navy blues and, charcoal greys.

These colours are so dark that even if there are sweat patches on them, they conceal it and so, you can continue to exercise even without feeling conscious.

Light and neon colours like sky blue and yellow are bad news for you because when you sweat in them, the wet areas adopt a darker shade of the colour that you wearing. Thus, wear the darkest existing shade that you can find and stick to that.

3. Mind the Hair

Another thing to keep care of while exercising to look stylish is to take care of your hair. You don’t want to be running on the treadmill with your hair loose around and you and flying everywhere. Moreover, if your hair gets sweaty and oily, that is something that is more worrisome. Thus, to exercise in style, you need to mind the hair.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to get one blow-dry or get your hair straightened when going to the gym. No, nothing of that sort. The gym is not a place where you should worry about beauty. It is a place where you need the most comfortable.

Thus, wrap your hair in a tight chic bun or pull them in a tight high ponytail. You can also make a side braid. Make sure to pin your stray or baby hair and set them in place. This would ensure not only your comfort but also your style.

4. Invest in the Right Gadgets

Another thing that makes you seem on top of the game and stylish is to have the right form of gadgets. Take your smartphone and strap them to your arm or forearm. Wear a smartwatch that monitors your heartbeat and pulse. Wear headphones or wireless earphones and make a music playlist that keeps you going.

5. Prep Yourself with Essentials

While the points discussed above are those you should special attention to, there are still a lot of other things you could and should do to exercise with style. This includes having the right and complete set of essentials. Carry a gym bag with you.

You don’t want to have to carry all of your stuff in your hands and risk losing or forgetting something. So, buy the perfect sized gym bag.

It shouldn’t be too big for you to carry around and neither should be too small that you cannot fit your stuff in the bag. The next essential would be to carry a water bottle with you.

Get a handy water bottle with a sleek design. Again, it should be of the perfect size. The next thing on the checklist is to wear the perfect shoes. Shoes add a twist to your whole look. Get Nike kicks or any brand that you like; Reebok or Adidas and so on.

Another MUST do the thing is to keep deodorant with you always. Keep a strong stick of deodorant. Go for sporty scents so that the gym doesn’t smell of flowers or fruits or strong cinnamon.


All of these ideas are low key and don’t require too much effort to find or money. Hit the nearest stores or talk to your gym instructors or gym friends. Give time to yourself and pamper yourself.

You deserve this and your ‘’ me time’’ should be everything that you imagine and want it to be. Follow these tips to exercise with style and keep a lookout for more. There are always new ideas in the market so good luck!


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