Discover the Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2018 and Stay in Shape Whole Year Round

Nowadays, people have become more concerned with their health. Aside from sticking to a healthy diet, they find it more important to engage in physical fitness activities.

Gyms have sprouted and one can see men and women lining up for the use of the equipment in the gym. This trend continues to the year 2018. Still, the basics continue to attract more and more people who aspire to have a fit and healthy body.

Based on the findings of the latest survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine or ACSM, the top 5 fitness trends for 2018 are named and here they are.

1. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training

People with a busy lifestyle would prefer a short but effective workout. High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT fits these criteria. Physical fitness enthusiasts who do not have the time to spend several hours in the gym find HIIT the ideal exercise routine for them.

You can finish your routine in just 30 minutes. This leaves you enough time to get ready for your office or for your business meetings that are scheduled in the morning. Alternating a rigorous workout with short rest periods is good for the heart.

For example, you can walk for 30 seconds then do a sprint for another 30 seconds. Continue doing this for 30 minutes. Once you get used of this routine, you can modify it. You can sprint for 30 seconds and then walk uphill for another 30 seconds. This kind of HIIT is ideal for 15 to 50 year olds.

2. Group Training

Training by groups of five persons or more will gain traction this 2018. The rising cost of gym membership has contributed to the rising popularity of class training.

An instructor leads the group during the class and you are encouraged to try something new when pursuing your fitness goals. Fun activities such as rowing, cycling, boot camps, and boxing are included in the program. Cycling with a group can be an exhilarating experience.

Aside from giving your heart a great workout, your legs and knees are also primed. There are facilities that have been designed to accommodate the group fitness activities. Attending a physical fitness class with a family member or a friend can make it more exciting.

3. The Use of Fitness Trackers or Wearables

Modern technology has designed tracking devices or wearables such as wristbands and smart watches. They are used to keep track of one’s progress as in terms of his speed, heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burned.

These devices can also be used to manage stress. With the data that these devices provide, users will be able to have information that will help him decide whether to exercise more or to slow down a little.

4. Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises do not require any equipment. They can be done at home or anywhere there’s enough room for you to move. You use the weight of your body to give your heart and your muscles a good workout.

Because you do not have to go to the gym or use its facilities, you do not have to spend money at all. As a cost-effective and convenient form of maintaining excellent physical health, it has become one of the trends in physical fitness activities for 2018.

There are lots of activities to choose from. You can do bench presses, push-ups, squats, and other workouts that make use of your body mass as a form of resistance.

5. Strength Training

This fitness routine has continued to attract persons who want to stay physically fit. This workout is more on lifting weights and the use of resistance to tone and build the muscles.

You can do leg curls or biceps curls to build muscles in your legs and arms. This training can be done at home. This makes it affordable and convenient to achieve bigger and well-toned muscles, strong bones, get rid of fat, and keep your heart healthy.

These trending activities show that people continue to strive in order to have a healthy and sound body through exercise. In addition, it is clear that more and more people are going after affordable ways to stay fit and healthy. Consequently, group training and other exercises that can be performed without going to the gym are on the rise.

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