Losing weight is a tough endeavor. Even if you ask trainers, they can tell you that you don’t have to be fat to struggle in losing weight. That is why they encourage you to take exercises like cardio (such as cycling) and strength training so that your body burns more calories every day.

The 5 Hardest Exercises You Will Do to Lose Weight

For you to get that ideal weight, you have to work really hard for it. Trainers from all over the country swear by pushing your body to its limit to the point that you feel you’re going to pass out. After all, no sacrifice, no victory. So if you can’t wait to get started, here are the 5 toughest exercises for losing weight.

1. Burpees

The first exercise is burpees. Also known as squat thrusts, burpees are a cross between squats and jumps except that your hands touch the floor. It’s a four-step move that requires you to move your whole body.

To get started, touch the ground with your two hands making sure that they are wider than your shoulders’ length. Then, almost simultaneously, put your legs into a plank position. Immediately put your legs back to standing position while your hands try to reach upward together with a jump.

This exercise sounds easy to do when you’re in the first 3 counts. But when you do this for more than 10 times, you will slowly feel your arms ache while your legs feel wobbly.

2. Lunge Jumps

The second exercise is the lunge jumps. Lunge jumps target your legs and glutes since you will be jumping up in the air after you complete a lunge.

A lunge in itself is a tough exercise. Now that you will be pairing it with a jump, your body will struggle to maintain balance because your thighs will slowly feel the pain of carrying all your weight off the ground.

To do this, start with a right lunge. After holding the lunge for 2 seconds, jump up in the air. When you land, make sure that the opposite foot is in front to prepare for a left lunge.

3. Dumbbell Lateral Lunge

If you think that you’ve had enough with lunges, wait until you actually have weights in your hands. This time, you won’t be jumping. Instead, you will be lunging to the sides with dumbbells on both hands. Sounds easy, right? Wait until you actually move to the sides with these weights. By then, you will understand why even trainers’ legs start to wobble after a few reps.

4. Lateral Step-Ups

Imagine going up the stairs. Then imagine doing it with a weight on your hands. The lateral step-ups start by having a stool or an aerobic stepper beside you and you carrying a medicine ball with your hands.

From one side of the stool, step up using the foot nearest it and stand straight on the stool. Then, go down using the same foot. Repeat this step for 30 times or until you feel that you are losing your balance.

This exercise not only focuses on your lower body and your balance, but it also focuses on your heart. With all the steps that you’ll be doing, your heart rate will increase. Add to that the biceps that have to focus on not dropping the ball.

You can find out more about step-up exercises here.

5. Bodysaw

And the last exercise is the bodysaw. A bodysaw is an exercise that requires TRX straps or a foam roller. What makes this exercise a challenge is the fact that you will be carrying your own bodyweight through a plank.

To do a bodysaw, hang your feet on the TRX straps or put if over a foam roller (and when you want to challenge yourself even more, use a balance ball). Then, support your upper body in a plank position.

Make sure that your shoulders are directly above your elbows. When you’re ready slowly slide your body to the back, away from your elbows. Your arms should be in a 45-degree angle with the floor. Then slowly pull your body back to a planking position.

These 5 exercises are hard to do, there’s no doubt about that. However, trainers swear that by doing these exercises regularly, you will be burning more than a hundred calories during your workout. This is already a great bargain for your weight loss routine!