Dental health is an important aspect of your well-being whether you realize it or not. Just imagine not having the confidence to smile because some of your teeth are decaying or your gums are bleeding. Eventually, these things take a toll on how you go through your daily activities.

That is why dentists encourage everyone to practice proper hygiene. But caring for your teeth doesn’t stop with proper hygiene. To make sure that your teeth and gums are packed with vitamins and minerals that help combat diseases, eating the right foods should also be a priority.

Check out these 8 super foods that can help save your teeth and gums:

1. Cheese

The sight of cheese makes your mouth water. This is exactly why you should put more cheese in your meals or snacks.

The production of saliva can help wash away the acid that can damage the enamel on your teeth making it fragile and susceptible to damage. Other than that, cheese is rich in calcium that can prevent your teeth from breaking.

2. Green Tea

Green tea has a number of health benefits simply because it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation in the body and that includes your gums.

If you will notice, gums can be easily infected by bacteria causing it to bleed from time to time. But if you have enough antioxidants in the body, this can reduce the chances of bleeding gums.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

Just like green tea, green leafy vegetables are known to make you healthier and stronger. Packed with vitamins and minerals, green leafy vegetables should be a must in every person’s diet.

One of its vitamins, Vitamin C, helps reduce inflammation. It is also known to produce more red blood cells. The more red blood cells distributed to the body, the more nutrients are absorbed.

4. Onions

Have you ever heard of people using onions whenever they get sick? That’s because onions contain microbial properties that fight bacteria.

So if you want to protect your teeth and gums, adding more onion to your diet shall do the trick. You can add them in soups, sauces, and even as toppings to sandwiches and burgers.

5. Citrus Fruits

Another rich source of vitamin C is citrus fruits. Fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and lime are essential to protecting your teeth and gums. But other than that, it also reinforces the production of saliva which help flush out the acid that remained in your mouth.

6. Apples and Carrots

Apples and carrots have one thing in common – they are both crunchy. Crunchy foods encourage you to chew your food more which means that more saliva is produced.

The more saliva you have in your mouth, the fewer the acids that can threaten your dental health. This can also reduce the chances of cavities in your mouth.

If you aren’t a fan of these two foods, what you can do is incorporate them in salads. You can also eat them as is for snacks in between meals.

7. Milk

Dairy products are known to be high in calcium. Calcium is the mineral responsible for strengthening the bones and teeth. Needless to say, if you want stronger teeth, then drinking a glass of milk should be part of your everyday diet.

But other than focusing on your teeth, milk can also be an important superfood for your gums since it helps flush away the acids that remain in your mouth.

8. Yogurt

And then there’s yogurt. Just like milk and cheese, yogurt is rich in calcium. But if you aren’t a fan of milk and cheese, then you can just replace them with yogurt since it also gives the same benefits (even more). Yogurt is also known to strengthen the immune system which can give an indirect boost to your dental health.

Dental health seems hard to maintain, but if you start introducing these 8 superfoods to your diet, taking care of your teeth and gums can come naturally. Not only will your teeth and gums thank you for it, but your whole body too.

Tip, if it’s hard for you to eat healthily, try introducing these foods slowly to every meal. Adding a few grams of onion, cheese, or vegetables can already go a long way to healthier teeth and gums.