Fitness related jobs are plentiful in Australia, with consistent growth forecast over the next years. This is mainly due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles that have led to growing waistlines.

Given the many advantages of sports on overall health, more and more people are signing up for gyms or simply trying to find ways to get more exercise.

Those who work in this industry should understand the human body and how it functions. They learn how to use movement and exercise to train the body and keep it lean.

However, it is important to note that the fitness industry in Australia goes beyond just fitness trainers and coaches. There are several related branches that fall under the umbrella of keeping the human body in top condition.

This may include nutritionists, physical therapists, doctors specialised in sports and fitness, and even psychologists who work with athletes.

What Kind of Qualifications are There?

If you want to work in the fitness industry, you need to get information on required qualifications that will help you land that job. It is estimated that in 2018, 10,000 jobs positions in the field will open up.

Getting yourself qualified enough for the job you are aiming for is the first step in securing one of them. There are options for online courses or studying on campus, so whatever your needs and preferences are, you can find a way to get your degree.

Presently, there are an estimated 25,000 fitness trainers in Australia. Depending on the position, experience, and education, you can expect a yearly salary at about $38,400.

However, there are lots of professionals in the fitness industry who run their own business, so they can expect to earn much more.

In Australia, you can already find a job as a fitness instructor, for example, with a certificate. These are normally finished in a much shorter period of time than a bachelor’s degree.

With a normal Certificate IV, it takes about 12 months of daily 8 hour classes and coursework to complete. Certificate courses are also ideal for those who want to upgrade their existing skills, like taking a coaching class.

Diploma courses, which take about 18 months, are also available for positions that require a bit more knowledge and experience. However, you can get your Certificate IV credentials accredited so you can finish much faster.

Further studies, like a bachelor, are not required in most fitness-related jobs, but it is a necessity for jobs as a physician or psychologist.

Top Fitness-Related Jobs and How to Get Them

1. Gym Instructor

These professionals are employed at a fitness center, doing fitness appraisals, designing fitness programs, as well as helping customers use gym equipment safely and effectively. To obtain this job in Australia, a certificate III course in Fitness is the minimum requirement.

2. Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers are similar to gym instructors, but they simply have more knowledge and experience in advising clients on their fitness and nutrition needs.

They may also work as freelancers or can be connected to a gym. A Certificate IV course is necessary to qualify for these positions.

3. Personal Training Business Owner

Whether you decide to franchise or open your own gym, you would need the necessary skills and knowledge to make it successful.

This means, beyond knowing how to coach your customers, you will also learn about recent healthy eating trends, small business planning and also motivational psychology. A course as a Complete Personal Trainer is the start of being your own boss!

4. Sports Development Manager

If you are dreaming of a more managerial role, then you would need at least a diploma to be considered.

A Sports Development management course is perfect to get into the various aspects of the business. It includes coaching, program design, business skills, leadership and diet consultation.

5. Fitness Manager

There are also fitness professionals who work with companies, local communities or other groups to start or maintain their fitness programs targeted to a larger group.

This does not just involve planning or designing the courses, but also marketing it, setting up public events and managing the facilities. Mostly Bachelor degree holders of Sports management courses are qualified for this role.

These are 5 of the most common fitness-related jobs in Australia that you can choose from. With jobs plentiful in this industry, it is time to follow your passion in helping people achieve their dream of a healthy and strong body.

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