Tweak Your Body Metabolism To Lose Those Extra Calories Faster

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Body metabolism refers to the chemical activities within the body that deal with breaking down energy resources or food and utilising them. Body metabolism depends on various factors and is different among individuals although the fundamentals are the same.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal metabolic rate determines the calories a body would require at resting stage. The basal metabolic rate varies among individuals. Those who are lean no matter what they eat have higher basal metabolic rates and those who are heavy set no matter how they skip meals have a lower basal metabolic rate.

Height, weight, diet, body composition, gender, age, body temperature, climate, health, genetics, physical activity and hormonal levels affect basal metabolic rate.

Height, genetics, age and climate are not under one’s control, but all other factors can be controlled by following a perfect diet and set routine to include physical activity.


Fasting is not a solution to losing weight; it actually leads to the body storing up more fat and energy in anticipation of the fasting period and to be prepared for it.

A healthy diet would be most appropriate rather than fasting. Fasting will lead to ill health, lack of immunity and poor mental health. A fatigued body cannot have a healthy and positive mind.

Fat tissue has a lower metabolic activity while lean protein muscles have higher metabolic activity. Follow a diet that encourages the formation of lean protein muscles rather than the fat tissues. Cut back on fattening foods, oils and fast food.


Drink plenty of water and keep the body hydrated. Consume a diet rich in fibres and proteins, low in carbohydrates and calories. Breakfast like a king but dinner like a pauper is a good approach to losing weight. A heavy dinner will lead to weight gain as the body does not utilize much energy while sleeping.

Stay Active and Positive

Keep the muscles active by involving in regular physical activities like walking, jogging, exercise, stretching, dance to name a few. Exercise is the best source of activity to keep the body metabolically active.

Exercising in hot climates will demand that the body spend energy to keep the body cool whereas exercising in cold climates will spend energy to heat the body. In both cases, the energy is well spent and helps lose weight.

Focus on positive thoughts to keep the mind healthy and follow a regular sleeping pattern. Irregular sleep patterns and sleep deprivation or excess hours of sleep or inactivity also leads to weight gain.

Intestinal Health

Inculcate healthy bacteria in the intestine. Intestinal flora varies among individuals. A lean person is known to have a totally different intestinal flora from that of an overweight person.

Modern medicine has practices that surgically replaces a part of the intestine of an overweight person with a portion of the intestine of a lean person and has demonstrated outstanding results.

These results can be achieved by probiotics and prebiotics. Curd and healthy fermented foods are rich in healthy intestinal flora and can improve intestinal and overall health of a person.

So use these tips to boost your metabolism and shed those extra kilos quickly.

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