Exercise is essential for everyone to stay healthy and strong, but sometimes working out feels like it is cumbersome to do every single day, especially if you just came back from a long break. In order to continue and enjoy the healthy routine, you will need to have the right motivation. Here are some tips to follow in order to do so:

1. Do Not Put Away Exercise Gear

One of the best ways to get motivated to exercise is to have a reminder. Exercise gear is an item that reminds you of a workout, which is why you should not hide it under the bed or keep it in the cabinet.

Put it somewhere safe, but it should be the first object that you see when you step out of the bed. It will remind the brain of your goal for today. It will become a habit after a few weeks. You can also put them in strategic places to constantly remind you of doing a workout.

2. Change Your Schedule and Pace 

Some exercise coaches or trainers would force their trainees to follow certain schedules to get the best results. Sometimes that will not work and will only make them not motivated to continue to do their regimen.

If you feel uncomfortable, you should make adjustments to your pace or schedule to make it a bit easier on you. This will motivate you to continue on and make it a habit.

3. Create or Join an Exercise Group

Exercising alone has its certain charms, but doing it together with other people can inspire you to do better. This allows you to look at your friend’s results and get motivated to do your best in order to catch up.

Friends can also compliment, inspire, and give you support in your daily routines. Some exercise routines can be difficult to do alone, but they can be easier and more comfortable to do with someone else by your side and doing the same thing.

After your regular workout routine, you can hang out with your group and relax together. This will also give a positive effect on you and motivate you to return again with the others.

4. Make a Contract of Commitment

Another way to make you motivated or committed to the exercise routine is to sign a contract. This would be better if you did it with a group of friends.

You can agree to give punishment to those who will not follow routine or skip it. It should not be harsh, but it should remind everyone that it is not best to break the contract.

Examples of punishment could be paying a small amount of money or embarrassing dares as long as it does not involve hurting yourself or others. Or, you can join a fitness camp.

5. Have a Contest

A good type of motivation for doing something productive is to make a contest out of it. Exercise contests can be a good way to get inspired in hitting those goals for the week or month.

The prizes could be monetary, cheat day, or just bragging rights for winning it all. This will turn a tiring workout into a fun one, especially if you are very competitive. Even playful teasing and trash talking can motivate everyone to do workouts better.

6. Share Results with Social Media

After a long workout routine and getting soaked up with sweat, you should take a commemorative picture of today’s results. You should be proud of what you have done and share it with other people.

This could motivate your friends or other people into following you or having their own workouts. This will also remind you of your progress and feel accomplished.

7. Reward Yourself

The popular motivation to exercise is to reward yourself with anything you like. Having goals like better health is vague and might only trigger your mind to delay your workout. Having benefits that are more tangible like getting a healthy drink or watching a new movie would be better.

This method starts a habitual loop that involves several factors. It is triggered by preparing your exercise gear within your view. It is then followed by the regular routine that you do.

The end result is the reward that you have set for yourself if the routine is successful. Having a prize after having a tiring workout is a powerful motivation that it makes you want to do it again until it becomes a habit.

All of these tips are guaranteed to make every tiresome workout into enjoyable ones instead. The important thing is that you get to shed off that unwanted fat, stay healthy, get strong, and have fun.