Medical check-ups are burdensome for young, healthy, and busy people. Deadlines that can cost your career are lurking at the corner. The last place you want to be is in a doctor’s clinic with a long line of waiting patients.

Yet if you think closely about it, seriously sick patients now were once adamant individuals like you. Severe medical conditions could have been diagnosed, prevented or treated early had people gone to regular doctor appointments.

To encourage you further, below is a list of “because-you-have-tos” that will significantly change the way you see wellness visits:

See a doctor even if you’re healthy because you have to….

1. Know Your Health Risks

Asking your parents about the family’s hereditary diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc.) is easy. But ensuring that the diseases or medical conditions won’t be passed on to you is another story.

Certain steps should be undertaken to prevent the manifestation of your genetic predispositions and only a physician can provide you with a comprehensive guide, including requests for regular screening tests. So don’t wait until the signs and symptoms show, be proactive and embrace medical check-ups.

2. Monitor Your Vital Signs

Even if you are highly conscientious in monitoring your vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, and so on, only physicians have the right skills needed to connect the pieces of information and create a clear picture of your case.

Brain tumors, for instance, do not show signs until the latent stage. In the same manner, heart attacks often have precursors like high blood pressure and neck pain, which you often ignore or tamper with the use of medicine.

Lady bosses, for example, oftentimes ignore frequent abdominal pain, thinking it’s just normal yet this could be a sign of ovarian or cervical cancer already.

Other reproductive-related diseases may not show signs until they’re worse. To be sure of your condition, especially when you have reached mid-twenties, take time to talk with your doctor, who would more likely recommend regular PAP smear.

3. Ensure Correct Diagnosis

People love diagnosing themselves and prescribing medicines for themselves. Yet some diseases share common symptoms. Take the example of ordinary cough and pulmonary tuberculosis.

While the latter is treatable, some people die because patients misconceive PTB as just stubborn cough. To avoid wasting time and money on cough syrups, seek a physician’s help.

4. Be Holistically Healthy

Suicide was one of the the biggest killers in Australia among teenagers and emerging adults, particularly within the 15-24 age group in 2012. There were about 11 deaths per 100,000 Australians tabulated, signifying the worsening of the public’s problem on depression and other mental health issues.

In so saying, you are highly encouraged to embrace wellness checkups not only to prevent the onset of physiological diseases, but also to safeguard your mental and emotional health. Loss of appetite and frequent headaches are physical symptoms of psychological stress.

Unfortunately, these symptoms can easily be mistaken for another illness like flu.  But if you seek professional help, somebody can guide you better, diagnose your case accurately, and recommend you to another medical professional like a psychiatrist or psychologist.

5. Talk to Somebody You Can Trust

More than prevention and treatment, your wellness doctors will more likely be your confidantes or counselors when you’re too scared about your condition or too embarrassed to share with others. Sometimes, waiting for the diagnosis can also be nerve-wracking, causing you sleep problems.

For your peace of mind, find friendship or at least companionship and trust in your physician. You need not worry as their services are covered under confidentiality agreement.

Without cathartic release like talking, symptoms may aggravate due to stress and obviously this is not ideal. More so, regular visits will also increase your confidence in your physician. This will also allow you to assess whether your doctor’s competence and attitude suit you or you need to seek a second opinion.

Wellness checkups should not be shunned as they are for your own good. Health is an investment. Make sure you invest time, money, and effort in your physical condition, including your regular doctor visits, exercise regimen, food options, and supplements.

Remember that in most cases, serious conditions started with a simple lump, cough, itch, or headache. 

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