What Are the Most Popular and Rewarding Jobs in the Healthcare Industry?

Dentists studying an xray of patient

The healthcare industry is an ever-expanding and always improving industry, regardless of the country we’re talking about. There is a large variety of healthcare positions that need to be filled in by well-prepared and dedicated healthcare professionals that can make their patients’ well-being their utmost priority.

Not all specialties and jobs are created equal, so let’s see what healthcare jobs are in high-demand, as well as very rewarding:

1. Dietitian’s and Nutritionists

With issues such as obesity and diabetes gaining increasing ground among people of all ages, the world needs more and more specialists in nutrition and dieting. They can help people get the diet they need in order to reach certain weight-related goals or to alleviate certain health issues they may have.

As a dietitian or nutritionist, your expertise will span from food and nutrition sciences, microbiology to biochemistry and physiology.

There are, of course, subtle differences between dietitians and nutritionists – a dietitian uses the science of nutrition to plan a healthier eating behaviour, while nutritionists can help with information regarding nutrition.

2. Respiratory Therapists

Medicine students that are trying to narrow down their career possibilities for the future will be happy to find out there’s also great demand for respiratory therapists.

Millions of people everywhere suffer from a wide range of afflictions related to their breathing, making this healthcare career choice a highly sought-after option, as well as a well paid one.

During their career, respiratory therapists need to keep themselves educated and informed, since new therapies and techniques always emerge. You will work with premature births, adults, children and the elderly, so your communication range will expand with each new patient.

3. Physical Therapists

Whether we want to or not, life is filled with mishaps, accidents and unfortunate events. Athletes may suffer serious damage to their ligaments, the elderly may break a hip and children may have playing accidents that will have long-standing consequences on their motor system.

Whenever motion and mobility have been negatively impacted, it’s time for physical therapists to come in and use their creative techniques that can progressively improve the patient’s quality of life.

To this end, the relationship with your patient will be sustained over a longer period of time, so this job actually gives you the opportunity to notice your patient’s improvement from one month to another.

4. Radiation Therapists

When you fulfill this position in healthcare, you mostly create radiation treatment plans for cancer patients together with oncologists. This involves assessing their condition, advising the patients on the possible side effects and deciding when the treatment needs to be stopped.

The responsibility will be very high for you, as a radiation therapist, as will be the wage, since your work may actually save someone’s life or contribute to its deterioration. The employment rate for this profession has been increasing in the past years, so this could be the path for you if all its responsibilities and rewards seem appealing.

5. Chiropractors

In today’s sedentary society and way of life, posture and spine problems have become increasingly frequent. Chiropractors work closely with the human body, using both their own body and specific equipment that can alleviate, correct and improve certain spine issues.

Private practice is usually the way to go for chiropractors, so this job may suit you well if you don’t want the hustle and bustle of working in a busy environment.

However this also means that you will need to develop certain skills that will help you build your client base – marketing, business and communication are musts if you choose to become one of the chiropractors of our time.

The healthcare system is ultimately a living, breathing organism that always expands and evolves, looking to constantly improve the way it approaches afflictions and diseases. This is why it’s safe to assume there will never really be a shortage of jobs in this industry.

Having said this, if you’re looking to find your own path, consider the healthcare jobs mentioned above, as they are one of the most currently sought-after and rewarding positions in this field.


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