What Do Moles in Your Body Say

Moles aren’t just brown or black spots on your skin. In other cultures, moles can either be a sign of bad luck or good luck. It can also explain why your personality is the way it is. There is also a saying that moles are marks from the lives that you’ve lived before. If not, they could be signs of what’s to come.

In this article, you will get to understand the different meanings of your moles depending on their size, color, and location on your body.

Meanings of Moles Based on Where It Is

On the Forehead

The meaning of the moles on the forehead differs depending on which side of the forehead it’s placed. If it’s right at the center, then it shows that the person is hardworking and creative. If it’s on the right (your right-hand side), then it symbolizes abundance when it comes to health and wealth. However, when it’s on the opposite side, this means that the person is not as respectful as they should be to others.

On Your Cheeks

When you have a mole on your cheeks, this is mostly a sign of good fortune in all the aspects of your life. The closer it is to your mouth, the bigger the wealth you will obtain. A mole on your cheeks signifies respect for one’s self and one’s family and a lot of love. It also symbolizes a good life where wealth, health, and good relationships are abundant.

On Your Chin

When there is a mole on your chin, this means that you are bound to have a lot of wealth. However, it also denotes you being introverted. As an introvert, you won’t be voluntarily socializing with people. You would only do so amongst family members or unless it was needed.

On Your Ear

Having a mole near your ear especially when it is also near your cheeks means that you will get rich at an early age. You are bound to live luxuriously and lavishly. However, you have to be careful of your spending as you could have a tendency to spend your wealth recklessly.

On Your Eyelids

Like the moles on your forehead, it means differently when you have a mole on your right eyelid and on your left. When it’s on the right, this means that you have a prosperous life ahead and that you will be earning more than necessary. On the other hand, when it is on your left, you would be getting the opposite fate – your earnings will not be so much and at the same time, you would be leading a life that is just “enough”.

On Your Shoulders

When you have a mole on your shoulders, it denotes being responsible and hardworking. It doesn’t matter where your mole is located or whether or not it’s big. As long as there is a mole on your shoulders, it shows that you are a decent person who makes decisions based on practicality.

On Your Back

There are many places where you can find a mole on your back. Some cultures see it as having a lot of burdens to be carried, while other cultures see it as a sign of being responsible. When the mole is on the upper half of the back, it means that you are industrious while if it’s found on the lower part of the back, you can be attributed to being creative and emotional. It is also a sign of being a friendly person who people feel that they can trust.

On the Arms

The meaning of having moles in the arms (whether it’s in the armpits, elbows, wrists) is that you are a sensible person. You are also calm and do not break under pressure. To add to that, you can also be known for having sound decisions because of your cautiousness.

Although these symbols and meanings differ per culture, it is also important to remember that there is no sound evidence saying that there is a direct link between your circumstances and personalities to your moles. It is nice to know that they can be good omens and you can be cautious of the bad omens the moles say, but ultimately, you would have to make your own decisions in life and not solely base them on your moles.

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