Zumba is now an internationally known workout routine. Whenever you go to a fitness studio, there’s at least one Zumba class offered. But even if Zumba was just recently famous, did you know that it started in the 1990s? Know more about Zumba and how it became a fitness trend all over the world.

History of Zumba

Zumba started way back in the 1990s in Cali, Colombia. It was created by Alberto Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer. Although he created Zumba together with two other people, namely, Alberto Aghion and Alberto Perlman, Perez became the known founder of the famous workout routine.

Zumba, as you know it today, is a type of dance and aerobic exercise where you move along with different genres of music. Usually, the dance and aerobic movements are timed with hip-hop, pop, salsa, and mambo songs.

A full workout lasts for an hour with a few breaks all throughout the time. Zumba is often done with a group of people where an instructor leads the group. Although the Zumba trademark requires a licensed Zumba instructor, some classes worldwide do not have it.

How Did Zumba Get so Popular?

There are many factors that led to the fame of Zumba. Here are all of them:

1.  The Marketing

First of all, Zumba was able to get distributed by way of infomercials. Perlman and Aghion helped Alberto Perez to spread Zumba by creating demos and putting them on tapes. But it’s not just that, they created a license to the Zumba name and this allowed it to be the only company to present and distribute Zumba merchandise and tapes.

When the infomercials spread, Perlman and Aghion claimed that they had non-stop calls even at the dead of the night. The people who knew about Zumba became interested in buying the tapes and becoming instructors.

2. The Strategy

Because Zumba is thought through instructors, what the company did was to sell the tapes and get instructors certified. When the instructors passed the Zumba Academy (yes, there is such a thing), they can already hold their own classes. They also become official distributors of the Zumba merchandise.

This became a more appealing package to the people who initially wanted to get fit. For only $30, instructors-to-be can learn how to do Zumba and get certified by the Academy.

3. The Effect on Consumers

And last but not least is the effect Zumba has on the people who use it. If you’ve been to a Zumba class, you’ll know that it’s normal to see people laugh, shout, and have fun. You don’t even have to be a dancer to get the steps. Plus, you don’t have to look all glammed up. All you have to do is show up, follow the instructor, and just move with the music.

When CEO Alberto Perlman was interviewed, he claimed that their customers tend to stay loyal to them not because of the promise of them getting abs, but because they have fun doing Zumba.

How Popular is Zumba?

By now, you already know that Zumba is a big company. But how big is it exactly? When asked about the growth and scale of Zumba, CEO Alberto Perlman claimed that they have at least 200,000 Zumba locations across the world.

It is even more than the number of Starbucks branches worldwide. And these are just the number of studios. If you include the sales of the DVDs, Zumba becomes a bigger company than you can imagine.

An observation was raised that Zumba’s target market is the moms. However, Perlman corrects this by stating that the average age of their customers is from 33-34. This is also the average age of people who go to the gym.

He then goes on to clarify that Zumba was not intentionally directed to moms. It just so happened that the workout was more appealing for women because of the aerobic movements danced to salsa and pop music.

So today, even if there are a lot of workouts available in Australia, Zumba still reigns as one of the most popular. It has become a favorite of women because of the joy it brings and the feeling that you have lost a lot of calories in just one hour of dancing.