What You Should NOT Do While Sick with Flu

If you have the flu, it is best that you should rest for a while and recuperate before you go back to your daily lives. Some people tend to ignore the symptoms of influenza so that they could work on that day. If you do not recognize these signs, you will not get better or your flu will get worse. Here are the things that you should not do while you are sick with this type of condition.

Take Antibiotics

Flu is caused by a virus and not by a bacterial infection. If you are thinking of taking antibiotics to take care of your condition, you should stop because that will not help at all. You should be taking antiviral prescription drugs like Codral to treat it. Consult your doctor for the proper prescribed drug before taking one.

Lie Down

You would want to rest and relax to get better, but you should not be lying down. When you have the flu, resting your body is important, but lying down makes it harder for your lungs. The proper position that you should be taking when you are sick is to lie upright with pillows supporting your back. This will make it easier to clear the lungs during your recuperation. Sitting upright will also prevent congestion of the nose. This position also stops the mucus from going down the back of the throat, which causes coughing.

Drink Alcohol and Drinks with Caffeine or Sugar

While alcohol can make you drowsy, it can dehydrate you. This is definitely not a drink you should be taking when you have the flu. It can also make you feel worse instead of giving you a good time. It can affect your way of thinking and make you delirious, which will make things worse. It is important that you stay hydrated and rest during the whole time you are sick.

Other types of drinks you should be avoiding are energy drinks and coffee. While coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks can boost your low energy, they can actually dehydrate you. If you are a fan of these drinks, you should avoid them temporarily until you get healthy again.

Take a Cold Shower

Never take a cold shower when you are afflicted with influenza because it will give your body the opposite effect instead. If you really want to clean up your body, you should use a sponge with lukewarm water. Using tepid water will also help break fevers.

Smoking a Cigarette

Your flu symptoms will worsen if you light a cigarette, especially your cough. The smoke that you inhale from a lighted cigarette stick will irritate and damage your lungs further. When you have the condition, your lungs are already irritated. You should stay away from people who also smoke cigarettes. Second-hand smoke is actually worse than first-hand ones.

Children Taking Aspirin

Aspirin might soothe headaches when they get a fever, but children should stay away from this type of medicine. Children under 18 should not be taking aspirin or any drug called salicylates because it can cause a serious complication called Reye’s syndrome. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen is recommended for reducing a fever. A study also shows that aspirin could actually make the infection last longer and worse, spread to other people.

Take Too Many Medicines

Some people make the mistake of taking a lot of medicine in order to recover from flu symptoms right away. Combining multiple drugs with the same components could actually make your flu condition worse. Always follow the instructions on the medicine bottle or consult your doctor in order to avoid problems. Medicine is not a quick remedy and needs time to actually fix the problem in your body.

Overwork and Stress 

If you caught a cold or the flu, then you should be resting and not working. Getting stressed from work will only make your symptoms worse because it can affect your immune system. Stress will force the body to work harder, which will make you more tired as a result. If you have too much stress, the cold will last a lot longer instead of lasting a day or two. You should relax and be calm during these times instead.

After a well-deserved rest and relaxation, you will recover right away without making your symptoms worse. Just avoid doing these mistakes and soon you can go back to work with a healthy and strong body.

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