November is our biggest shopping month for sure. Because aside from the Black Friday event, shoppers are just as excited for Cyber Monday 2021 Australia!

And if you want to keep tabs on the best Cyber Monday deals, make sure to bookmark and visit this blog during the event. I’ll be posting some of the must-have items and discount offers you shouldn’t miss.

In the meantime, while waiting with anticipation, let’s arm ourselves with details, shall we? After all, information and preparation are the secrets of every successful shopper!

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is among the biggest shopping event of the year after Black Friday (or Thanksgiving). Like any big shopping day, it centres on massive discounts and exclusive deals for tech products, toys, homeware, appliances, fashion items and more.

It started in the US back in 2005. During this time, big brands dominated the Black Friday event and in-store sales. The idea of Cyber Monday then came about to compete with these brands and encourage people to go online and shop.

Back then, internet use for shopping was not that popular. And so, there was a need to boost online sales. Soon, people started using the internet more, Cyber Monday became a household name, and now even big brands jumped on board.

Eventually, other countries have embraced this American shopping tradition, including the land down under. With several Aussie shoppers now shopping online, it won’t be surprising to see Australian retailers and brands participating in this event.

When is Cyber Monday 2021 Australia?

This year, Cyber Monday 2021 Australia falls on the 29th of November after the Black Friday event. It also starts at midnight, so remember to set your alarms if you want to get ahead on a few great deals.

But if you can’t stay up late and shop, don’t worry. The shopping day typically stretches out and lasts for at least the entire week (hence, the term, Cyber Week sale).

So, expect lots of preliminary and aftermath offers from Aussie retailers. Most Black Friday discounts typically stay for the next three days after it, too.

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Are Cyber Monday deals better than Black Friday?

There is no significant difference between the two sale dates, I believe. Yes, most of the best offers appear on Black Friday. But it’s never too late to score great deals on Cyber Monday.

Some international and Australian retailers even prefer to reserve attractive discounts on the last days of the sale period. It depends on the items you intend to buy really.

While you can always wait for the best deals, I suggest buying things on your list right then and there. That’s because limited stocks and shipping delays can potentially shorten retailers’ offerings.

The best tip I can give you is to tick off items on your list the soonest you can, especially if they are in demand. Also, stay tuned for my deal list for Cyber Monday 2021 Australia to get real-time updates!

What Can We Expect for Cyber Monday 2021 Australia?

Like Black Friday, electronics, gadgets and tech items will have the best discounts for Cyber Monday. So, expect significant price drops on laptops, gaming consoles, TVs, cameras, mobile phones, smartwatches and home devices.

There’s a high chance that these products will be at their lowest prices ever during the event, so make sure to check them out. You’ll probably make a lot of savings from established brands like Dell, Lenovo, Bose, Nikon, Sony and Samsung.

But if you are buying various items for holiday presents, I suggest swinging by retail giants like Amazon Australia. It’s more convenient that way. Plus, if you sign up for Amazon Prime, members get a 30-day free trial, exclusive discounts and fast shipping!

Now, if you are not into tech products, do not worry. Cyber Monday has already included product categories like kitchen appliances, mattresses, toys and clothing for the past years.

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Any Cyber Monday 2021 Australia tips?

Cyber Monday is like any other big shopping day: you need to be updated and prepared! Here are some tips to help you score a hot deal or two.

Prep your shopping list

With so many items and huge discounts during Cyber Monday 2021 Australia, it’s easy to lose focus without a shopping list ready. So, make sure to have one way before the massive sale event.

It will help if you can be specific on the items you want and trim down your options. For example, if you need to buy a new laptop, note down your budget range, brand preference and relevant specs.

Do your research early

Some retailers may publish a list of deals before they go live on Cyber Monday. So, find time to hunt down bargain offers for things on your shopping list. You can bookmark or save them on your wish list for a speedy checkout.

Remember to shop around

Earlier, I suggested that you buy the items you need right away. However, keep in mind that, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is open to all retailers. Brand sites may have better offers than third-party retailers and vice-versa.

Stay open to alternatives

With so many people shopping online (and probably looking for similar things on your list), some items can sell out fast. So, while doing your research and shopping around, consider creating a list of second-best options as well.

Check-in early when you can

Retailers like Amazon Australia, for example, often have flash sales at the start of the event. These offers are only available for a limited time, depending on stock availability. So, try checking in early to avoid missing out.

Keen to prep ahead for the biggest sales event of the year? My mini guide on Amazon Australia Black Friday 2021 can help you get ready!