Yescom Vibration Machine Review – The Buying Guide

Yescom Vibration Machine
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Losing weight should not really be such a drag that you’ll feel less motivated every time you hit your exercise machine. One of the most praised body vibration machine creations in the market today is the Yescom Vibration Plate that is designed to be a surprisingly inexpensive yet effective way to tone and strengthen muscles, stimulate metabolism, and help in one’s goal of shaving a few kilogrammes off his or her weight.

Luckily I was given the chance to try out a Yescom by a friend who bought the unit for her cousin. We’ll try to look whether this vibration plate has what it takes to really shake up those fat or at least tone the muscles.

Overview of the Yescom Vibration Exercise Machine

One of the very first things you’ll notice about the Yescom Vibration Plate Crazy Fit is that it comes with a very friendly price tag which, at first, may lead you to suspect that it has mediocre build quality and very basic features. At first glance, it may look nothing really spectacular especially if you look at the design of its vibration platform. It looks more like a flattened bar of soap with concentric rings radiating from the centre. Based on its design alone, it looks unusually dull; technically you get what you pay for.

However, a closer inspection of the specs of the Yescom will make you admire its creators. Under this very unassuming façade is a 3500-watt motor that promises to deliver optimum performance running its 1-99 speed level settings. You may have to think about your next electric utility bill, though as 3500 watts is rather heavy on resources.

It comes with a single belt drive that, at first, will make you question the thinking of the designers of this body vibration machine. Only when you start to realise that it is actually a lot better than having dual belt mechanisms especially in terms of ensuring optimum stability and evenness of its vibration delivery will the design philosophy really makes sense. It may take a while, though majority of vibration machines in the market come with dual belt drives.

The Yescom vibration plate operates on an oscillating or pivoting mechanism. I love how it operates, except that it has already been superseded by triplanar and 4-dimensional body shake technologies. For its price tag, I honestly think that having an oscillating mechanism instead of a 3D or 4D system is an excellent call. If it did came with either 3D or 4D one would really suspect something’s off since these latter systems are typically more expensive.

One of the Most Trusted Vibration Platforms on the Planet

Yescom’s Vibration Plate Crazy Fit is just the right kind of vibration machine for individuals who would love to lose weight or tone their muscles without really ever trying to. Moreover, it’s a great choice for folks who clearly don’t like to spend several hundreds of dollars on a contraption that they’re not really convinced will work for them.

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A Closer Look at the Features of the Yescom Body Vibration Machine

Body-shaping oscillating vibration technology

Vibration exercise machines that are embedded with oscillating movements in their platforms are known to be generally more efficient when it comes to weight loss. Personally, I am not really in the best position to say whether it’s effective in helping folks lose weight for the simple reason that I’m actually quite happy with my weight, thank you. But, based on the experiences of folks I know who have used the product, I could say that it works to help individuals lose weight. However, this is often in conjunction with sensible dieting.

What I can say, nonetheless, is that the Yescom vibration machine works well in toning the muscles as one can easily feel the vibrations coursing through the different cells and tissues of the body. If the muscles can receive such vibratory stimulation, then it should work in weight loss based on the fact that contracting muscles require more energy in the form of calories.

When one is able to cut substantial amounts of calories from her diet, the muscles will have to use other sources of energy to supply their needs. And since fats provide high concentrations of calories, these will have to be mobilised from their depots, leading to weight loss.

99-Speed levels

 This is what actually surprised me most about the Yescom vibration exercise machine. I have seen products that are priced more than 4 times the Yescom yet only manage to squeeze in a meagre 20 speed level settings. The great thing about having more speed level settings is that one can easily fine-tune your requirements because you’ve got more levels to work with. You want a more intense workout without really sweating it out, then all you need is a simple push of the arrow-up button to increase the speed of the vibrations on the Yescom plate.

Like what I said in my other reviews, I personally prefer having more control in what I can subject my body to. At the very least, having 99 different vibration levels to choose from I can really work out those muscle groups that I want targeted.

The other good news is that with the 99 vibration levels of the Yescom vibration platform, I don’t have to spend 30 or 60 minutes on it just to achieve the results that I desire. Ten to 15 minutes should be enough. For most of us who simply have a lot of other things to do, being able to shave 15 to 45 minutes off of your regular exercise routine can already mean a lot.

Powerful motor

blankThe Yescom body vibration machine comes with an astonishing 3500-watt motor with a single belt-drive mechanism. This is rather unusual since most of the exercise machines of this type that I have tried so far usually came with dual belt, often one under each platform. Yescom says that it opted for a single drive belt system to ensure more even distribution of the vibrations.

On hindsight, it makes sense. Having dual belt drives can lead to uneven operation. For instance, if one belt drive is already showing signs of wear, then you’ve got more vibrations being delivered to one side of the body while the other will be receiving significantly less. That being said, I find the single belt-drive arrangement of the Yescom vibration exercise machine to be quite interesting.

The 3500-watt motor is another thing, though. While I do understand the need for delivering that much electricity to power a motor that drives a single belt, I also recognise its implications on one’s utility bills. Having 1,000 watts can already bring substantial increase in electric consumption. Even if I were to use the Yescom for only 15 minutes, that would still be a whopping 875 watts.

It’s unusually quiet, though for the size of its motor. However, it is still quite noticeable.

High load capacity

 Yescom comes with a sleek 68 x 38 x 14 centimetre body complete with superior grip feet and an equally slip-resistant vibration surface. What is more remarkable is that it feels quite sturdy and can easily accommodate a grownup man weighing as much as 150 kilogrammes. Again I find this highly interesting since there are products that cost more than 400% the Yescom yet only manage a mediocre 100 to 125 kilogramme limit. This should provide peace of mind regarding its construction.

Modest pre-set programmes

There are three pre-set programmes on the Yescom, a feature that has become the standard for a vibration plate machine. For its price, I’d say having 3 pre-set programmes is quite a surprise considering there are those that come with the same 3 programme modes for a heftier price tag. At least, there’s no need to fumble about which exercise mode to choose.

Pro and Cons

  • Oscillating vibration technology is perfect for individuals who to lose weight
  • 1-99 levels of vibration for better fine-tuning and selection of vibration frequency and intensity
  • 3500-watt motor provides exceptional power to its single belt drive system
  • 150-kilogramme load capacity allows for greater versatility as to who can use the platform
  • Single belt-drive mechanism helps guarantee more even and more stable vibrations
  • 3 pre-set programmes takes the hassle off determining the best possible exercise regimen
  • Slim design allows for easier storage even in areas with very low vertical clearance
  • SAA and CE certifications help guarantee quality and safety of the vibration platform
  • Exceptionally friendly price especially when one considers the various features that it comes with
  • Oscillating vibration technology may have limited physiologic effects compared to triplanar or even 4D systems
  • 3500-watt motor can be quite hefty on the electric bill
  • Limited number of pre-set programmes, but still acceptable considering its price tag

Should You Buy This Machine

The Yescom vibration machine is a surprisingly inexpensive body vibration machine that comes with exceptionally-built chassis and above-average speed settings. Its oscillating mechanism is perfect for weight loss efforts although it can also be used for muscle toning. If you’re looking for a vibration platform in Australia that works especially for weight loss combined with sensible diet without creating a large hole in your pocket, I’d strongly recommend the Yescom vibration exercise machine.

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(Please note that the original Yescom brand was out of stock for a while so I found a non-brand look-alike machine on eBay)