Yoga, Pilates and Lipo: A Wholistic Approach

Yoga, Pilates and liposuction can be combined to create a wholistic approach to health –  one that incorporates both holistic or alternative health and technological advances in allopathic medicine to create an amazing body, mind, and spirit.


Yoga was developed thousands of years ago in the Indus Valley as way to create not only a healthy mind, but also a healthy body. It has come a long way from its roots, now being practiced across gyms, churches, community centers, and studios the world over.


Pilates has similar, but more recent beginnings. It was developed by Joseph Pilates who lived during the First World War. He was once a sickly child, but leaning on the classical Greek idea of becoming a “total” man, he turned to skiing, boxing, and other activities to become healthy.

Joe was interned with other German nationals and during his time in captivity, he helped train other interned comrades, often who were bed-ridden. He added springs to hospital beds so that people could get stronger. Joe was eventually released, practice evolved until it caught the eye of dance great Martha Graham, and other notable figures.

Stubborn Fat

Both yoga and Pilates are incredible practices for building lean strength, developing flexibility, and contouring the body, but even after practicing these or other holistic health practices for decades, you may find that your body still has stubborn fat stores that just won’t budge even with a dedicated practice. Life events like pregnancy or a dramatic change in weight can also cause fat stores to become more apparent – for instance, with a bulging tummy, or “back” fat.

Each person has a unique fat storage ratio based on the fat cells they were given at birth, and the way that these cells are placed throughout the body. This is why we see so many different body types in the world. Sometimes you are happy with the genes you are given, and the places your body stores fat such as in the breasts or buttocks, and other times, there may be fat stores that you’d rather not have.

Non-invasive Lipo

This is where liposuction comes in. Non-invasive liposuction may be the best alternative for those seeking a more holistic lifestyle. It does not require general anesthesia, and because the procedures offered are much less invasive than traditional lipo, less pain medication is required following a session.

Downtime is also minimal, so you can get back to living the active lifestyle you love. The recovery time for a full liposuction treatment can take up to a month or more, whereas, Vaser Hi Def liposuction can target specific areas, remove fat cells permanently, and the recovery time is between 2 and 5 days. You can attend your favorite yoga or Pilates class within a few weeks of getting the procedure done.

The results are also subtle but profound, and are usually even more stunning when you are already fit and healthy from practicing yoga and Pilates.

Perhaps the best part about getting non-invasive lipo is that if you already have a consistent yoga and Pilates practice, or you are active and fit, then you will also heal faster because your body is naturally less prone to chronic inflammation when you exercise. This results in faster healing, less discomfort, and a more positive experience when you get liposuction compared to those who don’t practice these ancient, holistic techniques.

You should stay active, keep doing yoga or Pilates, and eat healthy for a great body, mind and spirit, but when that extra little bit of fat just won’t budge, liposuction is a great way to augment a holistic lifestyle.

This is a guest post by Andrej Kovačević

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