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Assault Air Bike
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Most of us who are looking for exercise equipment that will allow us to do low-impact cardio and whole-body conditioning are often given options that are way outside the range of our budget. Some are also built with mediocre-quality materials and then put together in a very haphazard manner that we simply don’t know how long it will last keeping us fit or whether it can keep us fit at all.

And if you’re like me who prefers very minimal automation, you’d also want an exercise bike that behaves like a bike and gives you the kind of resistance that you need to really work those muscles without any computer or programming telling you that you’ve reached your limit.

Personally, I hate when a machine tells me what I can and cannot do. For me, the real essence of exercising and going fit is that they empower me to push myself harder. I determine my own capabilities, thank you. And for that I believe there’s a reason why a lot of the pros consider the Assault Air Exercise Bike as one of the best on the planet.

Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to try this awesome machine. It does have a few minor hiccups but overall, I can say it tops.

Assault Air Bike Overview

Built for sturdiness that will last many years, the Assault Air Exercise Bike is a fan bike that looks as impressive as it is very functional. It has all the right technical specifications of an air resistance exercise bike, giving you the ability to achieve more meaningful cardiovascular endurance and robust muscle tone without causing unnecessary stress on your joints. The Assault Air Bike is best suited for HIIT fanatics, although absolute newbies will also find it exceptionally adequate, although tricky.

At the heart of the Assault AirBike is a fan mechanism that utilises air resistance to make your muscles work even harder. Just like water resistance-powered rowing exercise machines, the faster you pedal the greater the level of resistance generated by the spinning fan blades. So if you really want to work out those muscles, you’ve got to really pedal as hard and fast as you possibly can.

There’s a reason why the Assault Air Exercise Bike is favoured by many professional trainers, physiotherapists, and even club owners. It’s stable, sturdy, durable, and comes with a reliable resistance mechanism that will make you work your muscles like there’s no tomorrow. Personally, I believe them.

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Features of the Assault Air Bike

Powerful, user-dependent air resistance mechanism

If you’re looking for an exercise bike that utilises the power of air resistance to provide you with highly variable levels of resistance to get your muscles up to speed, then the Assault Air Exercise Bike is definitely for you. At the heart of the Assault Air is its fascinating 27-inch fan that generates the air resistance you’ll need to work your muscles.

Unfortunately, there are no manual adjustment settings for the levels of resistance. I can almost imagine the confusion among absolute newbies as they try to figure out how the Assault Air actually works to their advantage. But, like what I said in the beginning, I prefer exercise machines that will never dampen my resolve to push myself to the hilt. There are no complicated computers on the Assault Air to tell you enough is enough. I get to decide how to obtain the best fitness levels that I think I deserve.

Bicycle chain drive system

The chain drive of the Assault gives you a remarkable cycling experience without necessarily going anywhere. Although a far cry from the efficiency of spin bikes or indoor cycles, the chain drive mechanism of the Assault nevertheless gives you the feel of a bike ride complete with clinking sound and slight vibration from the chain drive. It isn’t quiet or smooth, but it sure is a welcome relief to know you’ve got a bicycle between your legs.

Of course, not everyone will agree with me that the sound of the bike chain clinking is like music to my ears. For those who wish an ultra-quiet drive, then a belt drive system should be a great choice; definitely not the Assault. But if you’re like me who appreciates the sound of the chain rolling on its sprocket, then the noise is nothing more than an auditory feedback to what you’re accomplishing.

Sturdy, stable, and durable construction

The Assault Air Exercise Bike is built to last, no question about that. And if you want to believe what the manufacturer is saying about the exercise bike, then you know that it will stand up to the kind of gruelling activities that the military and crossfit trainers do on a daily basis. This is exceptional since it is not very often that you can get such strongly-worded descriptions for an exercise equipment. And if you have a machine that is being used in some of the planet’s most gruelling tests of strength and endurance, then it should be worth investigating further.

The makers of Assault Air decided to go with commercial-grade materials in its construction, complete with 12-gauge steel handlebars, high-tensile strength steel frame, and 20 premium-grade ball bearings for its fan mechanism. It really is designed to stand the test of time, even though it only costs a fraction of similarly-spec’d products. The Assault air doesn’t shake nor flex. I found it extremely reliable when it comes to stability. It also comes with levellers, just in case your floor isn’t even.

Fully adjustable seat, both vertically and horizontally

The Assault Air Bike is fully adjustable. I once saw a small Asian girl working out on one of these machines and she did just fine. She was then followed by a tall, bulky Aussie and the Assault never balked at the sudden change in user weight and dimensions. The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for optimum fit.

I have to agree with other users’ comments about the seat of the Assault Air. While it can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the user as well as the length of his or her lower extremities, the seat can be improved further for comfortability.

Modest console with just enough fitness and exercise programmes

The console on the Assault Air is the best I have seen so far in air resistance exercise bikes. However, when compared with some higher-end models of exercise bikes in general, spin bikes and indoor cycles in particular, there’s much to be desired. It does provide all the basic information like calories, RPM, interval, distance, time, speed, and watts.

While it does have a heart rate tracker, you’d have to purchase a separate chest strap to make full use of the feature. Most exercise machines today always throw in their heart rate chest strap monitor in the package, but obviously the makers of Assault Air decided against it.

In addition to the absence of a chest strap, there are several improvements which can be made in future models in terms of features/accessories. First, the LCD doesn’t come with a backlight so reading the information takes a bit of getting used to especially in low-light conditions. Second, it doesn’t show the last custom interval setting that it was set to by the last user. Third, reading the workout summary requires you to be a fast-reader, otherwise you won’t read everything. You cannot upload your workout results to an app either so you’d have to write it down yourself.

Pros and Cons

  • Built to last many years, thanks to the use of commercial-grade materials and the design input of countless fitness experts including physiotherapists for its durability and robust air bike
  • Versatile application since the level of resistance applied by the Assault Air is commensurate to the skill level of the rider
  • Very easy to assemble requiring only minimal tools
  • Ample-sized console complete with 8 programmable workouts
  • Fully-adjustable seat height for different users
  • Designed for heavy-duty CrossFit games and military training
  • Provides moderate to high-intensity conditioning for both upper and lower body
  • Fully stable platform
  • Inexpensive yet can last many years
  • Air resistance cannot be manually adjusted for fine-tuning
  • Console doesn’t come with backlighting for easier reading
  • Doesn’t come with a heart rate strap
  • The pedals are pretty standard without straps for a more secure grip
  • Inadequate directions for newbies on how to properly use the air bike to get the most out of it

Final Words on the Assault Air Exercise Bike

The Assault Air Exercise Bike is far from being the perfect exercise bike, but it does come with features and technical specifications that make it a favourite among serious fitness buffs. Personally, the Assault Air allows me to work as hard as I can ever handle.

It’s built for moderate-intensity workouts, but will never fail you if you do decide to push it to the limit. And with a friendly price, stable and dependable construction, I’d say it will be a good buy to those who are keen to burn some calories. With a drive mechanism that is music to my ears, I really wouldn’t mind recommending the Assault Air Bike to anyone who would like to experience the thrill of air exercise bikes.

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