Best Treadmills to Buy in Australia 2020 – The Only Review You Need

Almost every other gym in the world has a treadmill to help provide a means to health and fitness buffs to improve their cardiovascular endurance without the need to go outdoors. Rain or shine, they can literally run their fitness goals to the hilt without any significant interruptions.

The good news is that, with today’s technology, top treadmills are becoming more compact and lightweight. They are packed with features/accessories that make running or jogging truly fun and engaging.

Best of all, many of these are now made affordable. More and more homes in Australia and the rest of the world are equipping their spaces with these fitness machines.

But the key point here is that you need to choose the best treadmill to buy in Australia. The difference between high quality treadmill and a shoddy one can have a huge impact in your fitness goals.

Not to fret though as I am here to give you a head’s up on the best treadmills you can buy online in Australia based on my opinion. You can click on the individual model name in this treadmill reviews 2020.

Top 5 Treadmills to Buy Online in Australia

ImageProduct NameMax User WeightMax SpeedFolding DesignMy RatingWhere to Buy

Freeform F80 Treadmill

160 kg20 km/hYes4.8/5

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Treadmill by Endurance

160 kg20 km/hYes4.7/5

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Everfit Treadmill with Dumbbells

150 kg18 km/hYes4.6/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia


Everfit Folding Treadmill 1.5-3.5HP

150 kg18 km/hYes4.4/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia


Assault AirRunner Treadmill

158 kgManualNo4.3/5

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Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill

In case you decide to shop for your own treadmill, here are some of the things you have to look for when choosing the best treadmill to bring home.

  • Size of the running platform

best treadmill to buy in AustraliaThe size of the running surface is one of the most important considerations when choosing the right treadmill. The idea in using a treadmill is to allow the maximum range of motion of your legs so you will be able to exert more power with each stride.

If the belt is too short, you will be obliged to shorten your stride which undermines the performance of the leg muscles. Moreover, the risk of tripping and falling increases significantly the smaller the running surface.

You will also have to consider the space in your house where you’ll put the treadmill. Ideally, there should still be plenty of room left to move around the machine.

Some of the largest treadmill machines have a running surface of about 20 to 22 inches wide and 60 to 62 inches long. This is just the area of the running surface and doesn’t include the size of the frame. So, you might want to take this into consideration in relation to the size of your room.

  • Adjustable incline

Treadmills that come with fully adjustable inclines allow you to push even harder in your runs. Typically, a 15-degree incline is often enough to stimulate the muscles into performing optimally.

Different machines come with various levels of incline with some models even going for declines. The point is not so much on the degree of incline you want to work against but rather on its electronic adjustability.

  • Heart rate monitoring

If you’re serious on monitoring your progress, choose a treadmill that comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor. Alternatively, you can get your own wireless chest strap.

This allows for more accurate cardio readings as well as minimises the risk of tripping or getting entangled on extra-long cables. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with a band strapped to your chest, there is another option. You can always go for models that come with grip-integrated contact sensors or even a thumb sensor.

  • Programmable features

Depending on your skill level you may want to go for treadmills that have all of your fitness needs already preprogrammed into the machine’s computer.

However, as you become more confident in using this fitness equipment, you should also be able to control the speed. You can also program it according to your specific training to have a great impact.

Additionally, you may want to look for other features such as connectivity to mobile fitness apps, music and video integration, informative display, and a lot more. This should make your time on the treadmill a lot more engaging and entertaining.

  • Quality construction

blankStrength and durability are just two of the essential parameters you need to look for in the overall construction of a treadmill. Remember that this machine is going to be an important part of your fitness or weight loss regimen. As such, it should last at least several decades.

In looking at the overall construction of a treadmill, you will need to assess every single component. You need to determine how each one works in relation to others and the rest of the machine. You will need to check the belt, the rollers in the deck, and the power of the motor. These are just some of the things you need to assess.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance

Exercise equipment can deliver on its promise of optimum performance if it is kept in tiptop shape. That is why it is important to find a machine which is easy to use and maintain as well.

You clearly don’t want to put so much effort into keeping your gym equipment in optimum working condition, unless you don’t mind paying a professional to maintain it for you. The less complicated the operation and maintenance the better is the treadmill.


Choosing the right treadmill to buy online in Australia involves looking at many different aspects. You need to get the correct size of the running surface, the ease of adjusting the incline, and accuracy of heart rate monitoring. Don’t forget the availability of training programs, ease of use, the durability, and the ease of its operation and maintenance.

With these you can easily make a shortlist of your treadmill selection. If you’ve been searching for “buy treadmill online Australia” in Google, you can always look at the best treadmills I presented in this article.