Best Exercise Bike Australia 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Review

Best Exercise Bikes Review

When we talk about gym equipment, one of the most efficient items you could invest today is an exercise bike.

Whatever your goals might be, from training for your next huge cycling event or you simply wish to lose some weight, the ideal exercise bike could help you reach there. Nonetheless, with countless of options accessible for you to choose from, at a whole range of price points, it could be difficult for you to choose which of the best exercise bikes is the perfect one for you.

Having said that, I have a collection of speed machines that may suit you.

Check out these compilations of best exercise bikes in Australia:

ImageProduct NameTypeMax User WeightMy RatingWhere to Buy

Lifespan Fitness Exer-90H Exercise Air Bike

Upright160 kg4.8/5

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Lifespan Fitness Exer-80 Exercise Bike

Upright150 kg4.7/5

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Vortex V1000 Exercise Bike

Upright130 kg4.6/5

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Lifespan Fitness SP-310 (M2) Exercise Spin Bike

Upright125 kg4.5/5

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Reebok Fitness ZJET 430 Exercise Bike

Upright120 kg4.4/5

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Endurance Exercise Bike

Recumbent180 kg4.3/5

Check the PriceOn Amazon Australia

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Benefits of Using Exercise Bike

Both in fitness clubs and homes, exercise bikes are a sought-after piece of equipment. You will find a lot of individuals who work out on these bikes to stay in shape.

Below are some of the benefits of using an exercise bike:

To Shape Your Lower Body

Working out continuously on the exercise bike will get you there if your goal is to have shapely thighs. Exercise bikes concentrate on your hamstrings, abdominal muscle, and muscles around your hip area. Be consistent and disciplined in your workout, and you’ll look amazing in jeans, pants, and shorts.

Soft Impact Exercise

Riding on an exercise bike is simple for your joints, particularly if you are utilising the recumbent type. Compared to running on a treadmill, the body pressure isn’t on the knee joints. There is barely pressure to your joints at all when employing the bike. Thus, it is less likely to cause any injuries through the course of working out.

Fun to Use

The learning curve to ride on a bike is short as compared to other types of indoor exercise equipment such as pilates machines. What’s more, riding on an exercise bike doesn’t need any particular abilities like balancing. The majority of individuals ranging from seven to seventy understand how to ride a bicycle without any hassle. It’s both fun and simple.

Enhances Fitness and Lose Weight Simultaneously

Riding on an exercise bike could bring your heart rate to the target zone without too much effort. That’s vital, as efficient fitness and weight loss could only be obtained if your heart is beating at the target exercise zone for a particular period.

Weather Independent

During a bad weather condition, you can still train with your bike indoor. Exercise bike stimulates you riding on a real road racer. The resistant level could be changed to encourage uphill riding or any rolling terrain, which tend to be experienced in real road cycling event.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike at home gym can be better than treadmills any day

Just like any other exercise equipment, exercise bikes come in different types. Understanding this will help you decide on what type of exercise bike to purchase online for your personal use. And if you’re thinking of setting up your own gym, the knowledge of the different fitness bicycles should also come in handy.


These are your conventional exercise bikes. I think almost everyone starts out with an upright before they move on to other types of equipment. The effects are basically the same with traditional biking that provides lower body workout as well as cardiovascular fitness. They do come with basic features, although higher-end models typically come with exercise programmes and modes.


Ideal for those who would like a more relaxed time on the exercise bike or those with mobility issues or back problems, recumbent exercise bikes come with a bucket seat to allow sufficient support on the back. The pedals are also positioned further up front, giving these machines a lower profile. It’s like your exercise rowing machine but with bike pedals and an immovable seat.

Indoor cycle

A personal favourite, an indoor cycle (also known as spin bike) is the exercise bike of choice of sprinters, endurance athletes, and even triathletes. These fitness cycles are designed to mimic a racing bicycle complete with varying levels of resistance and speeds to help provide a more dramatic effect to your exercise. It is basically intended for training purposes, although it can also be used for HIIT exercises.


Think of an elliptical trainer with handlebars that you can pull towards you. Now add a standard upright exercise bike and you’ve got a dual-action exercise bicycle. These are perfect for whole-body workouts since your arms will really have to work the handles as well.

What Features You Should Look for When Buying an Exercise Bike

Now that you have an idea of the different types of exercise bikes, let me share with you how you can choose the right equipment for you. Here are some of the features that you have to look for when deciding on an exercise bike.

Type of resistance

The first thing you will look for is the type of resistance that the equipment has. There are several types of resistance mechanisms employed in modern exercise bikes. These are as follows.

Magnetic – This system requires electricity to provide magnetic braking. The main issue with magnetic one is that you’re dependent on the power output of the machine. Even if you want to push yourself even further, if the machine is already at its max, then there’s not much you can do about it. Workouts are, thus, less intense.

Direct-contact – These contain flywheel that stores rotational energy. What this means is that resistance is increased every time the speed of pedalling increases. This can also be adjusted manually by tightening the brakes. Unfortunately, the maximum weight of the flywheel limits the amount of resistance you can work against.

Fan-based – This system works like direct-contact resistance systems, except that they don’t have flywheels. Replacing the flywheel is a fan that provides air brake as you pedal. Like the direct-contact, increasing the speed of the pedalling means increased resistance. On the positive note, the air generated by the spinning bike fan should help cool your legs.


Exercise machines today already come with a standard array of health, fitness, and exercise programmes that are made available and accessible with a touch of a button. What you would want are intuitive controls so you’ll gain instant feedback about your exercise progress.


A company that will not put a warranty on their products is highly questionable. If you can get a bike that has a lifetime warranty, you can bet that the company stands proud on the strength and durability of their exercise bike. However, do understand that different types of exercise bikes have different lengths of warranties with spin bikes usually 3 years and recumbents, 5 years.

There are other things you may want to include such as cycling comfort and the price. However, these three are an absolute must so you will really have to pay attention to these things when buying your first exercise bike online. Hopefully, the top 5 exercise bikes Australia loves that I shared with you should make choosing a lot easier.