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5 Best Massage Guns Australia To Buy For Muscle Recovery (Updated January 2024)

Top Massage Guns in Australia for Post-Workout Recovery

Massage guns are also known as percussion massagers and handheld massagers. These nifty personal recovery devices have been gaining popularity since the end of 2019 and it is still going strong (personally searched and gathered data from Google Trends Australia in 2023).

Even though it is like a must-have personal massager for fitness enthusiasts, many are still unsure what it is for. So, let us briefly explain what it is for those who do not yet know about massage guns.

What Is A Massage Gun?

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is a handheld personal massager that works effectively for people suffering from muscle soreness. It is great as a recovery tool that offers deep tissue massage for increased blood circulation, which helps with stiff muscles and muscle tension from working out.

It is also perfect for people who are active throughout the day like gym-goers and tradies. Massage guns are also good for pre-workout warm-ups to improve range of motion and flexibility (The Journal of Korean Physical Therapy 2020).

They are such handy recovery tools that you can use at home or bring with you to the gym, office or travel as they are extremely portable.

In this article, you can expect us to cover the comparison and reviews of the 5 massage guns available in Australia that we tested and reviewed over a period of 10 months. We will also reveal which of the top 5 is our top pick as the winner and some FAQs to help you with your purchasing process.

The 5 Best Massage Guns in Australia:

Is massage gun worth it for muscle recovery

Is Massage Gun Worth It for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery?

Yes, a massage gun is definitely worth the money if you are looking to improve your muscle recovery time.

There are many benefits to using one for muscle recovery. As a person who works out 5 times a week, I am very glad to incorporate the use of a massage gun into my fitness routine.

The deep tissue massage helps to flush out lactic acid, which can reduce soreness and improve blood circulation (Imtiyaz et. al, Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research 2014). Massage guns can also help with muscle relaxation, which can help you feel more energised and reduce fatigue.

Besides using it for recovery, I also like to use it before sleep. Many athletes, including professional athletes, use massage guns as part of their recovery routine (Lisanti, 2018).

How Much Do Massage Guns Cost?

The average price of a massage gun in Australia varies according to the brand and features. Generally, they range from under $100 for budget-friendly ones up to $1000 for premium massage guns.

Our comparison and reviews of the five massage gun models cover a whole range of costs from affordable to premium. So, let’s get right into it!

Comparison & Reviews of the Top 5 Massage Guns

Image Brand/Model RPM Battery Life Massage Head Rating Where to Buy
3200 6 Hours 7 4.8/5
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Renpho C3 Massage Gun 3200 4 Hours 6 4.7/5
3200 6 Hours 5 4.6/5
3200 2 to 4 Hours 3 4.5/5
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2400 5 Hours 6 4.4/5
RPM 3200
Battery Life 6 Hours
Massage Head 7
Rating 4.8/5
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Image Renpho C3 Massage Gun
RPM 3200
Battery Life 4 Hours
Massage Head 6
Rating 4.7/5
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RPM 3200
Battery Life 6 Hours
Massage Head 5
Rating 4.6/5
Where to Buy
RPM 3200
Battery Life 2 to 4 Hours
Massage Head 3
Rating 4.5/5
Where to Buy
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RPM 2400
Battery Life 5 Hours
Massage Head 6
Rating 4.4/5
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Glossary: RPM is defined as revolutions per minute, which is the speed or the number of times the massage head attachments strike your muscles. Some people use the term percussions per minute to describe RPM.

The review sections below are written by Jessica, our lead product tester and reviewer of her experience in using these massage guns.

1. The Quietest & Best Overall Massage Gun: Hydragun Massage Gun

Hydragun Percussion Massager

The Hydragun Massage Gun is one of those massage guns/percussion massagers that are made with quality and careful thoughts on how users would use it. I must say it is of premium material and is on par with bigger brands like Theragun.


With that being said, it is not as pricey as the big brands. The Hydragun comes with 7 head attachments – some are made from usual materials like plastics but there are 3 heads made from steel. These steel-incorporated massage heads allow for deeper tissue massage. I love using the steel heads especially after my HIIT workout to prevent getting delayed onset muscle soreness the next day.

While at a glance the Hydragun may look quite ordinary just like other massage guns in Australia, its design is not quite the same as others. The designers in Hydragun must have made a calculated analysis of its handle because it is not straight. The 99-degree handle is intentional to make it more ergonomic to use.

When it comes to speed levels, there are 6-speed settings you can choose from with a 3200 RPM. My favourite is level 4, I find it suitable on my thighs after a full-on cardio workout. The Hydragun is also very quiet when in operation. It only ranges from 30 to 50 decibels. With my favourite massage speed level, it is still very silent.


If you are looking for a high-quality massage gun that gives you an ultimate pre and post-workout massage, I highly suggest the Hydragun Massage Gun. Its ergonomically thoughtful design, silent motor and quality material tick all the points for me. Moreover, it comes with an 18-month warranty. It is definitely one of the best massage guns in terms of quality. I must also say that it is the quietest massage gun my team and I have ever used.

  • 7 attachment heads
  • 6-speed levels
  • 3200 percussion speed
  • Lightweight due to aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic design with a 99-degree handle
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Comes with an Australian charger
  • 1.5-year warranty
  • Not USB chargeable
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2. Most Budget-Friendly Massage Gun: Renpho C3 Massage Gun

Renpho Massage Gun Brand in Australia

If you prefer high-quality but affordable percussive devices, consider adding the Renpho C3 Massage Gun to your buy list. On top of its durable construction and user-friendly design, this handheld massager has 20 variable speed levels, 4-hour battery life and six interchangeable attachments.


A versatile massager is probably the best way to describe the Renpho C3 Massage Gun. That’s because, unlike most models with 5 or 6 speeds, this one has 20-speed levels!

With this extensive speed range, it’s easy for beginners or pros to find the massage intensity they prefer or need.

Renpho spread its 1400-3200 RPM speed range into smaller intervals for better massage precision. And you can easily adjust this through the unit’s user-friendly interface.

Complement this feature with the massager’s 33-kg stall force and 10-mm amplitude, and you get a rewarding soft or hard massage session each time.

Also, its array of interchangeable massage heads ensures you have the correct attachment for every muscle group.

My favourites are the bullet and fork heads for my joint pains and the air cushion for soft, sensitive areas.

But with such a powerful massage gun, will noise be a problem? Not at all. Thanks to its 24V brushless motor, Renpho C3 operates at 63.5 dB on the maximum setting.

You can hear it buzzing, especially when in an enclosed space. But this noise level sounds like an office environment or people conversing – very tolerable and not disruptive at all.

As for battery life, this massage gun has a 2000-mAh battery that can work for up to 4 hours. It does not have a USB-C cable and port, though.

Still, you can quickly charge it through a wall socket. Also, it has a 15-minute auto-off function and a top vent to keep the motor cool.


The Renpho C3 Massage Gun is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, an athlete or unsure if a massager is for you. It’s impressive that this unit has features that high-end massagers also offer. With one at home, you can enjoy instant muscle relief or skip those masseuse appointments!

  • 6 attachment heads
  • Ergonomic handle and portable weight
  • User-friendly interface
  • 20 adjustable speeds up to 3200 RPM
  • 33-kg stall force and 10-mm amplitude
  • Maximum noise level at 63.5 dB
  • Good battery life (4 hours)
  • Top vent for heat dissipation
  • 15-minute auto shut-off
  • More affordable than other similar massagers
  • Lacks metal-tipped massage heads
  • Amplitude may be too small for deep massages
  • No USB-C charging option

3. Best Lightweight Massage Gun: Bob and Brad Massage Gun

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun by Physiotherapists

The Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun should be at the top of your list if you’re after a lightweight, quiet, and powerful massager. Designed by the experts, this device got five variable speeds and attachments to tackle all sorts of sore spots and knots. Best of all, you’ll get the most satisfying at-home massage with a reasonably priced massager.


The C2 Massage Gun is the brainchild of two physical therapists, Bob and Brad. Both are also online sensations with millions of YouTube subscribers.

But there’s more to this massager other than being created by physiotherapy experts. For one, it’s a mid-sized device that is not too heavy, making it easy to position on the body or pack for a trip.

And since it is not like some mini massagers with limited functionality, the C2 Massage Gun gives you the same power as most standard models.

It has five adjustable speeds, a 10-minute auto shut-off, and five interchangeable massage heads to target specific muscle groups. It’s also easy to recharge practically anywhere, thanks to its USB-C port and cable.

The C2 Massage Gun boasts up to 3200 RPM with 15 kg of stall force. The 8-mm amplitude may not be for intense massages, though. Still, it has the power to deliver relaxing massage sessions for most users and improve blood flow to your muscles for post-workout recovery.

With a 2500mAh lithium battery, this device is fast charging and can run up to 4 hours. That means you won’t have to charge it as often, despite not having a dedicated battery brick.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how quiet the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun was. With my decibel metre, this device only makes around 55 dB at max speed.

It’s an excellent feature, especially if you plan to use it at the gym. After all, packing this massager is not a problem with its handy briefcase-like carry bag.


Massage gun enthusiasts looking for a portable and beginner-friendly device should consider getting the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun. This massager is also perfect for fitness enthusiasts who need daily post-workout massages.

With its variable speeds and massage heads, you’ll take care of those muscle knots and lactic acid build-up in no time. Being so lightweight, I could easily use it with one hand and maneuver it to be on the exact area I need a good deep tissue massage for my muscle recovery.

  • Mid-sized device with full-size power
  • Well-made with smooth handle
  • Easy to use and switch attachment heads
  • Has 15 kg stall force and up to 3200 RPM
  • Super quiet (55 dB at max speed)
  • Has five variable speed levels
  • With a carry case and five massage heads
  • Quick charging time (3.5 hours)
  • Good battery life (4 hours)
  • With 10-minute auto shut-off
  • More affordable than similar massagers
  • Designed by physical therapists
  • May not be for deep massages
  • Lacks metal-tipped massage heads

4. Most Compact Massage Gun: Hydragun Atom Mini Massage Gun

Hydragun Atom Quality Mini Massage Gun

The Atom Mini Massage Gun may only weigh 500 g with a mere 4 cm footprint. But it can also deliver 7 kg of force and generate the same 3200 ppm as most full-size massagers. It is the perfect portable massage gun.


Hydragun describes the Atom Mini as atomic in size and power. And they couldn’t be more accurate.

This device has powerful three-level massage modes, yet it is also tiny enough to fit any tote, sports bag or suitcase.

With the handy carrying case included, you can take its three interchangeable massage heads anywhere, too. If you like, you can even put one of the metal-tipped heads in the fridge for cold massages.

And with its low noise level, you can use it in the office or gym without disturbing others.

Compared to Bob and Brad’s C2 Massage Gun, the Hydragun Atom Mini Massage Gun is even smaller.

Its small size and machine power are the best partners for sure. With these features, even older or petite users can securely hold and angle it with great precision.

In terms of design and construction, the Atom Mini doesn’t disappoint either. Despite being palm size, it has noticeable weight, making the device feels solid and robust.

The aluminium exterior feels smooth, too. And the absence of any flimsy parts suggests that this massage will last a long time.

My only problem with this excellent device is its long charging time and short battery life. It takes 6 hours to get to full charge, which is only enough for 2 to 4 hours of use.

Then again, the USB-C cable and plug make actual charging a non-issue. However, you might be recharging it more often, especially if you enjoy long or frequent massage sessions.


Hydragun succeeded in incorporating as many excellent features users are looking for in a massager. And their latest creation is super tiny to boot! Without a doubt, small-space dwellers, frequent travellers and athletes will love to get their hands on this new Atom Mini.

But does this tiny yet powerful massage gun meets the test of speeding up muscle recovery? The answer is yes, it does. I did a half an hour intensive Zumba daily for a fortnight and used the Atom Mini every day. I swear it helps with the recovery. I didn’t think I could pull through doing daily Zumba without the help of a massage gun.

  • Compact but powerful massager
  • Delivers up to 7 kg of force and 3200 rpm
  • Space-saving with a 4-cm footprint
  • Well-made with no flimsy parts
  • Easy to hold, charge and position
  • Super quiet (53-60 dB)t
  • Includes carry case and 3 massage heads
  • Metallic head tips for cold massages
  • Has three variable speed levels
  • Free shipping, free returns and a 1.5-year warranty
  • Long charging time (6 hours)
  • Short battery life (2 to 4 hours)
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5. Best Heavy-Duty Massage Gun: TheragunPRO

Theragun Pro Percussion Massager for Recovery

If there’s one massage gun that doesn’t look like your conventional massage gun, it’s the Theragun PRO Percussion Massager. With a triangular-shaped base, it feels like you’re holding a ruler than a massage gun.


The Theragun PRO massage gun prides itself on its ergonomic design. It’s easier to hold and it allows you to hold the massage gun comfortably even in the weirdest angles. This massage gun also has an adjustable arm for the massage head so you can get that tensed muscle without twisting your arm in many ways. The adjustable arm has four different positions.

Other than the design, the Theragun PRO massage gun comes with six attachment heads made from cell foam. They’re not your usual massage heads too because the material is tighter than others with a regular foam used. It’s not the softest material because it doesn’t have a cushiony foam, but it does the trick if you’re looking for a hard massage for muscle pain.

I love the fact that the Theragun PRO massage gun is a professional-grade massage gun. It’s used by therapists and chiropractors because the percussions are precise and deep and it does effectively unknot tight muscles.

If you are an athlete, I suggest that you get this massager because it’s the best massage gun for extra hard massages. It’s made for heavy-duty use and you’ll love the fact that it has a silent motor that comes with its power.


Being a premium quality massage gun, the Theragun PRO is not the most affordable massage gun but after using this product, I can say it is worth the money, especially for those who workout very often. This is one of the very best massage guns that deliver well for muscle recovery.

While it was worth it, this massage gun was a big investment to make especially when there are other massage guns that are more affordable. If you’re only starting out to use a massage gun, it might not be wise to buy a product this expensive from the start.

  • Silent motor
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic design and handle
  • Adjustable arm with four positions
  • Pricey
  • Heavy and bulky

The Winner – Hydragun Massage Gun

Hydragun is the best massage gun in Australia

For our top pick, the Health Constitution product testers and reviewers decide to settle with the Hydragun Massage Gun.

The reason is, it has the highest score based on our evaluation criteria, which you can read in the next section.

This aside, the massage gun is made of high-quality material, offering a great user experience with minimal operational noise, is easy to clean, has great battery life, offers a good warranty, and most importantly delivers results.

The most impressive thing about the Hydragun Massage Gun is that it is powerful yet extremely quiet during operation when compared with other massage guns. Not forgetting to mention that for the price, this massage gun model is definitely worth your investment.

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What Are Our Evaluation Criteria?

For 10 months, we tested over 10 different massage gun brands and models and finally shortlisted down to 5 of the very best ones.

This is how we do it. We evaluate based on these 4 core criteria.

We know there are many affordable massage guns in the Australian market but there are some pricey ones too. So picked out a range of options and selected the best ones out of the budget range up to high-tech and premium ones.
After researching for weeks, we purchased as well as secured some samples for testing. We gathered our experience and conclusion from the tests we did to produce this comprehensive article.
We selected brands that are trustworthy and have proven track records of producing quality fitness recovery or wellness products. We also judge the massage guns based on the material used and battery life.
We shortlisted the best 5 massage guns based on their practicality (when used in daily life) – how practical is it to use it with one hand, to travel with, to use it without bothering a sleeping partner or in a gym.

FAQs on massage guns

How to Use a Massage Gun Properly?

To use a massage gun properly, you should first read and understand the user manual from the manufacturer included in the box. As each massage gun has different features and different steps to switch the power on and off, it is imperative for you to know how to operate it first before using it directly on your body.

It is also helpful to know what sort of head attachments are suitable for your needs. A massage gun often comes with a range of attachment heads directed for different body parts.

For example, the cone head is for a targeted massage while the ball head is for a softer massage. Ensure you choose the right attachment for your muscles or joints before starting a session.

You should find out how to use a massage gun effectively before actually using one so you can get the most of out your percussive therapy device.

How Often Should You Use a Massage Gun?

The frequency of using a massage gun depends on your individual needs and preferences. It is safe to use a percussion massager daily but you should never stay in the same muscle group for more than 2 minutes.

Overdoing it with a massage gun can cause bruising or worse, having the muscles tightened, which is the opposite of what you want (Bradley Wheeldon, PT, MPT 2022).

This article was first published on the 18th of November 2018 and has been updated multiple times with the most recent update on:

Last Updated on 09/01/2024