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Renpho C3 Massage Gun Review Australia

Renpho C3 Massage Gun

4.7out of 5


It’s hard to squeeze a good massage session into a busy schedule. Good thing handheld devices, like the Renpho C3 Massage Gun, are now available in the market.

And unlike some high-end models from well-known brands, the Renpho C3 is just as impressive without the steep price tag.

Aside from its quality construction and well-balanced feel, this handheld massager boasts 20 adjustable speed levels, good battery life and six interchangeable heads.

It’s one of the best percussive massage guns I’ve tried. Here’s a detailed review of what this device has to offer.

Overview of the Renpho C3 Massage Gun

The Renpho C3 Massage Gun is ideal for tackling sore muscles, stress and flexibility issues.

With its 33-kg stall force, 10-mm amplitude and a max speed of 3200 RPM, it truly can deliver deep and effective relief.

It’s the perfect pre- and post-workout companion.

Moreover, its massage head attachments ensure a satisfying, well-targeted massage.

And if you plan to pack your massager for a trip or use it in a shared space, Renpho C3’s 4-hour battery life got your back.

The convenient carrying case also makes it easy to take this 957-g device anywhere.

Moreover, with only 63.5 dB at the maximum speed, you can enjoy your massage without disrupting anyone.

Best of all, you get these premium features at an affordable price.

Renpho C3 Massage Gun Features

A Closer Look at the Features of the Renpho C3 Massage Gun

Excellent Set of Massage Attachments

Renpho C3 Head Attachments

Like most high-end massagers, the Renpho C3 includes a zippered briefcase-like bag for easy storage and transport.

I like that you can put everything inside this carrying case, including all six attachments and a charger. There’s also a mesh pocket on one side for the instruction manual.

Its array of massage heads is commendable, too. I find this selection well-thought-out. Some have a unique shape, and you won’t find them in other similar massagers.

These attachments include the following:

  • Round head for the large muscle groups like the glutes and quads
  • Fork or U-shaped head for the neck, shoulders, spine and Achilles tendon
  • Flat head for all parts of the body
  • Bullet head for joints, deep tissues and trigger points
  • Wedge head for the abdominal muscles and relaxing muscle spasms
  • Air cushion head for relaxing sensitive muscles

This variety of massage heads can tackle virtually any muscle group. I especially like the bullet and fork heads.

I am slightly prone to joint pains, so these replaceable massage heads is perfect for instant relief. The air cushion is also a personal favourite.

I love using it on my thin or less muscled body areas to avoid discomfort or pain. It’s also ideal for warming up specific muscles before switching to another attachment.

However, I wish this range of attachments has steel tips for cold or deep-tissue massages.

Well-Designed and User-Friendly

The Renpho C3 massage gun feels good on the hand. It is not too heavy or too light. So, your hand won’t get tired while handling the unit, especially when massaging your back.

The handle is silicone-coated for a secure and comfortable grip. It is also long enough to reach difficult areas with minimal effort.

However, you might want to be careful when changing grips and holding the top part of the massager. Moving your hand this way may cause you to press its buttons.

Speaking of buttons, the Renpho C3 sports a user-friendly interface. While most massage guns have the one-button-does-all design, Renpho has a dedicated standby button at the base of its handle.

Switching this on lets you control the touch buttons at the top to power up the device or adjust its speed.

This part also shows speed and battery charge levels in digital numbers. I like this interface design more than the dotted-type indicators of most percussive massagers.

It is easier to figure out, and the lighted display is perfect even during night-time massage sessions.

Renpho C3 Massage Gun

Multiple Speed Levels

Renpho C3 Speed Levels

From the digital display of the Renpho C3 Massage Gun, you can press “+” or “-“ to adjust the speed settings.

And this massage gun model allows up to 20 variable speed levels! That’s a lot compared with other handheld massagers.

It may seem too much, though, especially for non-athlete users. However, Renpho C3 has the same maximum speed of 3200 RPM as other massage guns.

Renpho divided its 1400-3200 RPM speed range into smaller increments for more precise and targeted massage settings.

Here’s how they broke it down:

  • Speed levels 1-4 (1400 RPM) for warming up the muscles
  • Speed levels 5-8 (1800 RPM) for fascia relaxation
  • Speed levels 9-12 (2100 RPM) for flushing out lactic acid and reducing DOMS
  • Speed levels 13-16 (2500 RPM) for deep massages
  • Speed levels 17-20 (3200 RPM) for professional mode

Some of us may only use the first half of this speed range. I like using the lower speed levels for my neck and joints.

These levels are perfect for reducing tension or pain in those areas. But I appreciate that this massage gun is ideal no matter your activity level.

Beginners or athletes can use the same device with the right speed settings. Also, there’s more room for adjustment based on your target muscle and tolerance.

Powerful and Relatively Quiet Operation

Renpho C3 Percussion Force

The high-torque percussion force and the stroke length of the Renpho C3 Massage Gun are also impressive.

Specifically, it has 33 kg (72 lbs) of stall force, which represents the force required to stop the massage head from revving away.

Its stroke length or amplitude is 10 mm. This factor indicates the distance the massage head travels as it moves forward and back.

The higher the stall force and amplitude, the more intense your massage is.

To understand this further, you can use a human boxer’s arm as a visual example. The stall force is similar to the punching power of a boxer’s arm.

On the other hand, the amplitude is the boxer’s arm reach.

And with a 33-kg force and 10-mm amplitude, the Renpho C3 Massage Gun can deliver soft-to-moderate blows, depending on your speed setting.

Overall, these two product features create a balanced massage impact that should suit most user types and needs.

But what about the noise? A powerful massage gun like this should be loud, right? Surprisingly, that’s not the case for this Renpho massager.

Because of its 24V brushless motor, this handheld massage gun operates quietly at 45 dB on the lowest setting. At speed level 20, its sound level can reach up to 63.5 dB, which is still tolerable.

You’ll hear it buzzing, especially in an enclosed room. Still, this noise is similar to a regular office environment or normal talking.

It won’t cause disruption or draw unnecessary attention at all.

Good Battery Capacity and Motor Protection

Short battery life will not be an issue with the Renpho C3 Massage Gun. With its 2000-mAh battery capacity, you can enjoy massage sessions for up to 4 hours on a single full charge.

The battery life can change based on the frequency of use and massage intensity level, though. Still, it is a good enough capacity for occasional and regular massage gun users.

However, one thing to note is that you need to plug this unit into a wall socket to recharge. If you plan to pack it for a trip or take it overseas, I think this is something to consider.

Not having a USB-C cable and port may be a downside. But this device has several other good points.

For instance, it has a 15-minute auto-off function. It’s an excellent battery-saving feature that keeps you from overusing your massager.

In addition, the top portion of the device has a vent to keep the motor cool. I also think it’s a functional design add-on to protect your device from overheating or premature damage.

Renpho C3 Motor

Pro and Cons

  • With 6 well-made attachments for different muscle groups
  • Ergonomic handle and not too heavy
  • User-friendly interface and digital display
  • Has 20 adjustable speed levels up to 3200 RPM
  • Powerful 33-kg stall force and 10-mm amplitude
  • Maximum noise level at 63.5 dB
  • Good battery life (4 hours)
  • Top vent for heat dissipation
  • With 15-minute auto shut-off
  • More affordable than other massagers with similar features
  • Lacks metal-tipped massage heads
  • Amplitude may be too small for deep massages or well-built muscles
  • No USB-C charging option

Final Thoughts

Renpho C3 Massage Gun (Blue)

The Renpho C3 Massage Gun is for you if you want a full-size, user-friendly massager.

With its 20 adjustable speed levels, beginners and professionals can get the soft or hard massage they need.

The six well-designed attachments also guarantee you have the best massager head for every muscle group.

This device is easy to pack and travel with, thanks to its handy carrying case and portable weight.

Most importantly, you get these premium features at a reasonable price.

So, is this Renpho massager a good buy? It’s a resounding yes for me. With this around, I can get instant muscle relief and skip those masseuse appointments!