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Pilates vs Yoga: Benefits and Difference

If your ideal exercise routine involves low-impact, relaxing and fluid motions, then you’ll love being a yogi or maybe a Pilates enthusiast. Or perhaps both? Well, while fitness fans have been on a constant Pilates vs yoga debate, you can…


6 Elliptical Cross Trainer Benefits

Walking, running, and climbing stairs are all simple but very effective physical exercises for good health. If you prefer to do these indoors, then you need an elliptical trainer. But this piece of gym equipment can provide more than at-home…


Desk Treadmill: Should You Own One?

Sedentary behaviour brought about by sitting long hours every day at work can be detrimental to our body and health. The World Health Organisation even updated its physical activity guidelines to emphasise the significance of modifying our less active lifestyle. The solution?…

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