Fixed VS Adjustable Dumbbells: Which One is Better?

Health Constitution_Fixed vs Adjustable Dumbbells

One way to enhance your fitness goals is to get a pair of dumbbells. With these free weights, it’s easy to build strength and do resistance training in the comfort of your home. But there’s one dilemma: fixed vs adjustable dumbbells. Is one better than the other? Which one suits you best? Start warming up and getting your muscles ready! Here’s what you need to know.

7 Work-From-Home Exercise Equipment for Fitness

Health Constitution_Work from Home Exercise Equipment

Working from home doesn’t mean you can skip your workout routine. Without the everyday commute, usual office interaction or even your short trip to the pantry, you need something to stay active. Here’s an idea. Why not turn your workspace into a makeshift gym? This list of home exercise equipment is perfect for achieving your fitness goals while having a Zoom meeting or beating that deadline!

Exert More Effort and Use a Staircase Treadmill


The staircase treadmill seems like a simple and straightforward machine but it packs a punch once you get on it. It is very popular for its ability to strengthen the lower back, as well as contribute in building strong legs and butt region. But is there any other benefit you can get when including the use of a staircase treadmill in your workout? Let’s find out. Solidifies and Strengthens Major Muscle Groups Even in its easiest setting, the staircase treadmill has the ability to activate and strengthen large muscle groups.…

7 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Rowing Machine

Health Constitution_Why Buy a Rowing Machine

If you’re thinking of adding a piece of cardio equipment to your home gym, your choices are probably limited to treadmills and ellipticals. But other exercise machines can give you a full-body workout, toned muscles and more. Take an ergometer or erg, for example. It may not be a popular choice. But even non-rowers like you can gain great rewards when you buy a rowing machine. Here are some of them.

7 Fitness Gift Ideas for Health Fanatics

Health Constitution_Fitness Gift Ideas for Health Fanatics

Fitness enthusiasts usually have healthy habits incorporated within their day, be it a routine morning jog or at-home exercise after work. They have no problem spending considerable time at the gym to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. And so, what better way to make them feel extra special than to give gifts that support their goals. These fitness gift ideas will surely keep them energised and motivated.

Low-Stress Fitness Activities that Make You Live Longer


Studies reveal that the best form of exercise to improve health and fitness is whatever physical fitness activity that you enjoy doing. For those who aren’t keen on trying out intense fitness activities, there are low-stress or low-impact activities that you can adopt while enjoying the same longevity benefits. 1. Swimming No other low-stress fitness activity can give you an excellent whole-body workout than swimming. The inherent qualities of water support your body weight and ultimately takes the strain off the joints. Its buoyancy will enable you to move more…