Best Household Items that Make Daily Workout Possible


If you’ve always had a gym membership, then you might have never thought about creating a home setup. But with recent events, many Australians are left with a choice between not working out (because gyms are closed) or doing it at home. Naturally, the second option is better for you in order to meet your fitness goals. For some people, working from home meant losing their daily exercise and gaining extra pounds. And with the uncertainty as to when life will go back to normal again, the easiest solution is…

EMS Training: 5 Things You Need to Know

Health Constitution_Things to Know about EMS Training

Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS is an excellent method for muscle recovery. Its ability to enhance muscular strength and burn calories in minutes also created quite a buzz in the fitness industry. I have to admit that this extra function sounds interesting. Others find it too good to be true, though. In that case, a little research can help us learn more. And here’s what I found out and what you should know about EMS training.

6 Benefits of Owning a Home Gym Set

Health Constitution_Why Buy a Home Gym Set

A home gym set is a single compact machine that lets you perform multiple exercises. Some refer to it as a multi-gym, multi-station or all-in-one gym. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike, prefer this high-quality equipment because of its small footprint. It’s also easy to customise to suit your needs. And you get to enjoy several other benefits when you have this at home.

No Weights – No Problem: 7 Ways to Train Yourself with Free Weights


Not everyone can afford to go to the gym or own fancy workout equipment. But fitness, as always, does not require big expenses. Free weight exercises are there to the rescue. You only need your determination and any of the following to begin your weight training: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and other alternative weights. Read on to know 7 ways to effectively train yourself with free weights. Concentration Curl Flex those arm muscles with the classic concentration curl. This exercise specifically targets your biceps and brachialis and increases your arm strength.…

6 Reasons to Invest in an Adjustable Weight Bench

Health Constitution_Why Buy an Adjustable Weight Bench

Some may feel intimidated at the mere sight of an adjustable weight bench. It’s probably because we often see body-building enthusiasts on it. But you know what, even beginners or casual gym-goers like you will find this fitness equipment perfect for toning and building strength. And that’s only one reason why you should have this in your at-home workout space. Here are a few more.