Denise Deschanel


Health Constitution was founded by Denise Deschanel in mid-2016. It all started in early February of 2016 while she was browsing through her newsfeed on Facebook. One of her best friends had shared a self-shaming post that she felt worthless because of her body weight.

Denise felt she needed to help her best friend so she contacted her and gave the support she needed along with some health and fitness advice. Her best friend now has maintained a healthy weight and is back to her confident self. Denise wants to share her knowledge and interest in health and fitness to help those in need of a change in lifestyle as well as those who are interested in general well-being.

“Fitness can make someone’s day by pumping the brain with happy hormones. So why not start a health and fitness blog to tell people the right way to do it?” – Denise Deschanel, 2016


Expert Contributor

Jack Rosser PT, BSc, MCSP, HCPC, FMPA. 


Jack Rosser is an experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist from the United Kingdom. With 5 years history working across public, private, and sporting sectors of the profession, he has a breadth of experience working with a variety of conditions.

For the last 4 years Jack has been working in Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic care. In this time he has spent a lot of time treating people in clinic and after orthopaedic surgery. This might include: knee, hip and shoulder replacements, as well as rehabilitation after arthroscopic surgeries and tendon repairs.

His musculoskeletal & orthopaedic experience includes, but is not limited to: acute soft tissue injuries, pre and post-surgical care, chronic conditions & pain management, sports rehabilitation and injury risk screening, as well as pitch side trauma in football.

Jack currently splits his time between a private clinic at sea where he has the privilege of being able to travel and work all over the globe, and in a top tier football academy in his hometown on a part time basis as a pitch side physiotherapist. As a result, he is able to continuously maintain and update his skills in a wide range of environments.


Writer Contributor

Jessica C


Jessica enjoys eating and visiting new restaurants around Melbourne so she decided to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle so she can still enjoy eating as much.

One of the first things she did was to explore different fitness classes until she finds one that she likes and stick to it. It has been a journey of 5 years yet she still enjoys class hopping.

She also contributes to other health and fitness websites besides Health Constitution. When she is not writing for health sites or going hardcore at her workouts, Jessica is either enjoying meals with friends or slaving away at her desk job.