Health Constitution was founded by Denise Deschanel in mid-2016. It all started in early February of 2016 while she was browsing through her newsfeed on Facebook. One of her best friends had shared a self-shaming post that she felt worthless because of her body weight.

Denise felt she needed to help her best friend so she contacted her and gave the support she needed along with some health and fitness advice. Her best friend now has maintained a healthy weight and is back to her confident self. Denise wants to share her knowledge and interest in health and fitness to help those in need of a change in lifestyle as well as those who are interested in general well-being.

“Fitness can make someone’s day by pumping the brain with happy hormones. So why not start a health and fitness blog to tell people the right way to do it?” – Denise Deschanel, 2016